Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon

Whoop! The Fueled by Fine Wine half has come and gone. It was a fun weekend with friends and a good opportunity to do something that reminded me of my old self again. Granted, doing these things are no small feat with a small child in tow, but thanks to my mom, it was possible.

Saturday morning, we picked up my mom and headed north to Domaine Drouhin for packet pick-up.

The winery and the views there were gorgeous.

We met my friend Stef and her mom and six month old at the winery. After grabbing our packets, we opted to take advantage of the 2-for-1 tasting special they had going on for race participants.

My mom graciously walked Henry all around for a good 45 minutes while we tasted two Chardonnays and three Pinot Noirs.

The final Pinot was by far my favorite, but at $75 a bottle, we passed on any purchases.

After lunch in the small town of Dayton, OR, we headed to the B&B (Abbey Road Farm) where we had rented the farm house for all of us to stay. Our friend Danielle also met us there. After getting settled, we walked around the property checking out the goats, sheep and chickens. 

View from our living room

We all brought fixings for chicken tacos and salad, which were yummy (and great for leftovers the next day). After cleaning up and getting Henry ready for bed, you know the rest of the story. Despite getting a bit less sleep, I felt pretty good when 5:00 a.m. rolled around. 

Around 6:20 a.m., we headed to Stoller Family Estate where the race started and hopped in the bathroom line. Happy and ready to race er, run long!

A few weeks ago I decided to hop on the snapchat wagon. If you want to follow me, my username is ljmoe. It's mostly Henry stuff, but I did snap a few things during the half marathon. 

The race had plenty of rolling terrain with 1,700 ft of total elevation gain taking us in, out and around several wineries. As you can see, there were some steep hills where walking was necessary and then some downhills where I really let loose (when we weren't in the vineyards). 

The course was about a 50/50 mix of asphalt vs rocky, dirt terrain. I didn't push super hard and stopped to take a few photos here and there. It was definitely cooler than I imagined for a July race (temps in the 50s I'd guess), but the cooler weather was nice for running.

I finished just barely over 2 hours, which is what I had predicted my time would be. Stef and Danielle finished in 1:43 and 1:52! Afterward, we changed into dry clothes, grabbed our wine glasses and did a bit of wine tasting from several of the Dundee Hills wineries that were stationed in the finish party. It was a fun way to end a race, for sure!

After a bit of hanging out, we headed back to the house, showered, grabbed some food and checked out. I ended the weekend feeling happy, tired and thankful. 

Now that the race is behind me, Pete asked what my next race was. Surprisingly, I didn't have anything lined up, but now that I've run long and slow(ish), I have the itch to run faster again. I'm thinking about signing up for a 10K in August. 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? What was your favorite workout of the week? Out of the blue, I decided to do the Fitnessista's summer shape up workout and it left me sweaty and tired in no time. 


Raquelita said…
That sounds and looks like a great race! I've been really wanting to do a similar type of event either on the west coast or maybe in upstate New York.
I am glad you had a great race experience! That sounds like a beautiful place to race. It's great that the moms were able to come along to make this possible for you and your friend. I can't get over how much you and your mom look alike, though! And Henry looks like a toddler - what happened to your baby???

This weekend I am looking forward to *hopefully* buying a car. I think I know what I want but am sort of wavering a bit on the decision so hopefully I can make up my mind by tomorrow so I can purchase something. I guess I use 'looking forward' loosely, though, as the thought of buying a car is not at all exciting for me as I hate spending money on cars! And my workouts have been so lame this week because I've been really busy and my PT had me take a step back last week as I've been having some pain in my hip flexor. So all I've been doing is going for walks and doing my PT exercises. I'm sooooo sick of this prolonged recovery period. :/
Amber said…
That looks like such a fun race! There are some wine half-marathons in wine country in southern BC that I would love to add to my to-do race list!

I am starting to get really into snapchat too but I'm not good at adding people. My username is amberyharding if you can add me. I just spent like 5 mins trying to figure out how to add you and then gave up. I'm still learning! But my favourite thing about it is how "unedited" it is. I can just post a totally random, crappy photo -- it's like what instagram used to be and now I feel pressure to kind of 'style' all my photos on IG!

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