Day at the Mountain

Happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend was fun and relaxing. Even though I'm not going into an office daily, weekends still feel like a welcome respite. And I'm sure that's in part because I have a little more help with Henry and usually get a chance to go out for a longer run.

This weekend we actually headed out of town on Saturday and left Henry with my mom for the day so we could fit in a bit of skiing. With plenty of bottles on hand and instructions for his typical routine, I knew he was in good hands with grandma.

While the forecast was less than ideal for the mountain, we decided to just do it because we don't always have an open day and childcare. And it seems that with snow sports, if you don't do something when you want to do it, you might completely miss doing it that season.

Luckily, our closest ski mountain is a little over an hour away making it an easy drive. The weather was pretty questionable, pouring rain until we got within 15 min or so of the mountain where it turned into big, wet flakes.

With the dumping snow and a bit of wind, we opted to buy a pass for just 2 hours so we wouldn't be forced to ski all day in crappy conditions. Because once you pay $$ for a full day lift ticket, it feels like a sin to quit more than an hour before the lifts close. 

Thank you manfriend for being willing to pose for my photos. ;)

Our first run wasn't so bad and we even got a glimpse of sun for a few brief moments, but after that it was a lot of blurry, powdery runs with low visibility and icy snow pelting the face.

Two happy parents trying to remember how to ski again

After skiing, we put on snowshoes and tromped around in the deep snow near the parking lot for a while. The manfriend thought it would be funny to step on the back of my snowshoe at one point so I'd face plant. Lucky for him, powder isn't so bad to fall in.

We ended the day with a beer at the cozy Brewer's Union in Oakridge before heading back to Eugene.

While it wasn't a perfect day in terms of weather, it definitely made both of us want to come back soon and do it again. I even have visions of carrying Henry in our hiking backpack on a clear day and snowshoeing for a few miles. We'll see...

In other weekend news, I spend a few hours cooking food Friday night - veggie lasagna for my parents and this 10-spice soup. We also got to see our good friends' new baby boy (so tiny and cute) and did a bit of cleaning of our attic/storage space (yikes). And I got a 40 minute run in while it poured rain this morning! All in all, a great weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


I am glad you guys got to spend a day outdoors today. Too bad the conditions weren't great but it sounds like you made the most of it. We barely have any snow here. Instead it's just been crazy cold. I hope it warms up soon and snows so I can get out to XC ski.

This weekend has been very low key which has been nice. The highlight was a double date with another couple last night.
Leigh said…
That's so great that you and Pete were able to get out and have some you time! Brian loves skiing, but I'm not a big fan so I told him that if Amelia wants to in the future then I'll hang out in the chalet waiting for them :)
Amber said…
That sucks the weather wasn't the greatest, that is really cool you can buy 2 hour passes though! At the mountains near us the only options are full day or half day and the half day doesn't even start until 12:30pm! So we usually just do full days but only ski from about 10am - 3pm. Still a long day of skiing so we feel like we get our money's worth!

Glad your mom was able to watch Henry so you guys could get some time just the two of you!
Raquelita said…
Nice that you can get shorter term passes. I've never skied but my spouse loves to, and he went to the resort about half an hour away from us for the first time this season yesterday. I enjoyed having some extra time away from campus and a morning to myself.

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