Best of Lately

The weekend was a busy one, but awesome at the same time. As it seems to happen cyclically, I'm struggling with school/life/career decisions. But there are a few things that have really filled me up lately and these are just a few of the highlights.

This big salad after a day light on veggies. My plate included mixed greens, microwaved sweet potato, organic free-range rotisserie chicken, zucchini, hazelnuts, feta and balsamic with a side of whole grain sourdough.

This fog sun (and the five miles that went with it). Beautiful morning to be out with my thoughts and the crisp air.

Foam rolling tight calves. Much neglected, but much needed. I then proceeded to roll down the foam roller all the way into my upper back. It was a nice little self massage.

This muesli from Ikea. Random purchase after buying a dresser, but the Swedes know what they're doing. A whole lot of variety, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, and very low in sugar. Why America, can't we figure this out? It reminds me a lot of the cereal you find all over Europe.

This sunset. I've counted three evenings in a row of epic sunsets in our area. I'm pretty sure we have these warm temps and lack of rain to thank for this. 

Checking off a few things on the baby list. We now have a dresser/changing table in the baby's room thanks to the manfriend's hard work and Ikea. We also have a car seat! 

Biking in the sun. I had told myself I would continue to bike through my pregnancy, but weather and timing just haven't worked out. But yesterday, in the midst of 60 degree weather, I hopped on my commuter bike and headed downtown for a little studying. I do have to ride with my knees a bit wider than normal, but it's still comfortable. 

Tell me: What's filling up your cup lately? 


Elizabeth said…
Love these! Just scheduled a similar post for tomorrow :) The weather has been so amazing, no? The early misty morning and those sunsets looked incredible. Glad the bike is still a comfortable option and the new dresser looks great! Sounds like it's been a productive few days. Week 7 of the term tends to be the start of the big push to then end, no? Can't believe how fast this term has flown by though!
That is exciting that you are starting to get some items for the baby! That much make it feel even more real! Well, that and your ever expanding belly!

Going for a bike ride sounds so nice... That won't happen for awhile here since it's so icy on our paths but I look forward to going for bike rides when spring arrives!

Things filling my cup lately are vacations, hugs from Phil, and coffee with my favorite creamer.
Amber said…
Love the dresser you got!! I am in search of one just like that but we won't be heading to Ikea anytime soon.

Reading has been really filling up my cup lately. I've been finding a lot of joy through reading this year and have been reading SO much!
Jessica Jarrell said…
That salad looks amazing and delicious, I must say. I'd have to agree with Amber, reading has been filling my cup too. Baking, as well. Getting a little cabin fever with all the snow we are getting :)
I love this post and actually had a similar one in the works, as it has just been so nice and sunny lately and I just feel like dancing sometimes!

I love that dresser; I keep trying to find one like that, but was hoping to find one at a thrift shop and refurbish it...I haven't found the right one yet, but I keep looking!

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