There's Nothing Better Than...

I came up with this topic as I was making one of my favorite sandwich combinations today. Biting into a favorite food I haven't had in a while reminds me I need more of it in my life. Join in and tell me what there's nothing better than.

There's Nothing Better Than...

a grilled turkey, mustard, avocado and cheddar sandwich. The savory flavor combo is just the best in my opinion. Whoops, I ate a little cheese, but well worth it. 

a hot shower after a soaking wet run.  Brrr!

a hot cup of coffee, cider or hot chocolate on a freezing cold day. I often think about making hot cocoa this time of year, but rarely do.

that nap after a loooong run, food and a shower. I tried to fight the post long run naps for years and then one day I just gave into the manfriend's demands that I needed a nap and ever since, I've been a big advocate of naps post long run.

watching a movie cuddled up on the couch while it pours rain or dumps snow outside. 

ice cold water on a HOT day. Refreshing!

pulling on a pair of thick, cozy socks, your favorite sweats and a hoodie. Ultimate lounging bliss.

sipping a crisp beer on a hot summer day with friends. Yum.

laughing so hard it hurts. More laughter, please!

a massage that's so relaxing it puts you to sleep, thus reminding me I need to budget them into my life more often.

Tell me: What's one of your "There's Nothing Better Than..." statements?


Leigh said…
I hear you on the nap after a long run and food! Best thing ever. There's nothing better than hanging out on a Friday night at home on the couch catching up on TV shows or watching a movie!
Elizabeth said…
....home canned peaches in a burst of sunshine in winter!

...the first Burgerville peppermint milkshake of the season.

...arriving home to joyful dogs & smiles.

...a blueberry, banana, flax seed, pb, avocado, vitamin, coconut milk evening smoothie.

...vacation days to

...that moment when you meet someone for the first time and know that they

Fun post idea! For me, there's nothing better than:

- a long hug after a crappy day
- the comfort of being in the cocoon of my parents' home
- waking up to a peaceful summer morning at the lake when the lake is like glass
- the satisfaction I feel after a strong long run
- the combination of peanut butter and chocolate
- waking up without an alarm
missris said…
Oooh one of my favorites is waking up and realizing it's Saturday or Sunday and that you don't have to go to work but can sleep in instead.
Amber said…
The feeling of sinking into a comfy bed with clean sheets after a super busy day.

That first steaming cup of coffee in the morning. I love to just inhale the smell of it.

Fun post idea! Happy Friday!
I love this post prompt! I may even borrow it at some point...

...sitting in my pajamas and surfing the internet for a few hours on a Saturday morning

...the smell of fresh baked bread

...appreciative notes from students

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