All the Things

I don't know where the time goes. Scratch that. I do know. The time goes into all the things I'm doing. Studying, working out, eating, going to work, going to class, sleeping, and homework.

As life get a bit more hectic around here, I'm trying to remember that I can only do my best with the time available to me. That means that I'm not caught up on my reading for all five classes or completely understanding it all, but I'm doing what needs to get done. And I'm trying to not get caught up in the stress that's so easy to assign to times like these.

And that's easier to do when my mind keeps wandering to upcoming fun things like all things pumpkin, Honeycrisp apples, crisp mornings and get-togethers with family and friends.

Honeycrisps - no apple compares

And runs through crunchy leaves

Now on to other fun topics like sweat and more sweat!

Last night I headed out to yoga at Hardcore Yoga in town to practice to the beat of DJ HyFi. These kinds of fun opportunities in the yoga world are limited here in Eugene, so I signed up for class as soon as it was announced.

Sweating and flowing to the beat was really fun and the hour flew by. I was kind of in shock when Chelsea said we were on our last vinyasa, but my mat was getting a little slippery so I was okay with it. ;)

I'm trying to keep exercise a regular thing even with all the commitments I have. This week has included a few sanity saving runs.

Sunday morning I set out for 7 sunny miles on Pre's Trail because weekends seem to require a "long" run whether or not you're training for something. I got my Vitamin D and then it was straight to the books I went.

Tuesday morning, Laurel and I had planned to meet at 6:15 a.m. for a run. While it was seriously dark at first requiring headlamps and a little bit of confidence, it was pretty awesome from our turn around point on.

Hello, sunrise.

And finally, pizza night. Because pizza night always sounds good. And the week's end should be celebrated with pizza.

This one included caramelized onions, spinach, basil, kalamata olives, heirloom tomatoes and mozarella. Yum.

What's keeping you sane {or extra happy} these days? Anything you're especially looking forward to this fall? 


Lizzie said…
Things I look forward to in the fall...beautiful leaves turning, apple picking, Halloween, my Birthday, sweater weather, and cool,crisp weather to enjoy walks.
Your pizza and Pumpkin streusel loaf look great! I'm looking forward to cooler weather someday! (I'm in Texas where it's still warm.)
Ugh, this week has totally and completely sucked for me due to my water damage issues. I haven't been able to stay at my place the last 3 nights and I have a friend visiting this weekend so I feel so stressy and disorganized. And I haven't been able to work out as often as I normally do because when I stay at Phil's I just can't get up early enough to get home early enough to work out before work and we've had stuff going on pretty much every night this week. Le sigh. But I did fit a 4 mile run in on Wednesday night before going to a board meeting for run club and that run was so good for me! I am hoping to do a long run and a longer bike ride this weekend as I need some endorphins and fresh air!
It's good that you are still fitting in time to work out, as that really is the saving grace most of the time, even though it requires quite a time commitment!

I just had a sit down with my boss and he said that he would like me to take on more responsibility. Basically he said that the work I've been given is like a garden drip system and now they are going to turn on the fire hose. I had just gotten to the point where I was starting to be comfortable, but not bored.'s going to be an interesting next few months!
missris said…
Running, or exercise in general, always helps to keep me sane. This month I'm looking forward to heading to Chicago tonight for the marathon on Sunday (eeks!), some fun birthdays, a Halloween party, and my one year wedding anniversary. Time flies!
Amber said…
My "yoga mentality" has helped me stay sane during my busy fall season at work over the last couple of years. I just remind myself to prioritize and things that feel important (like having a spotless house) actually aren't as important as things like work or freelance deadlines! The house can get cleaned later. For me working out is a HUGE priority because it helps me stay sane. I need to work on prioritizing the healthy eating more though.
Leigh said…
You have me craving pumpkin bread and pizza now...darn you! Hope that school and the last weeks of work are going well. Happy Friday!

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