Week in Workouts

Happy Friday! I hope you've got some exciting plans for the weekend. Today's post is a little bit of everything, including last week's workouts, so enjoy!

First, a little Fashion Friday

Scarf: Live Fashionable, sweater: LOFT, top: LOFT, skirt: JCrew, shoes: Franco Sarto

I added the scarf to this outfit just to bring some extra happiness to my day. There's something about wearing bright colors that is truly a mood booster.

Also, I'm in love with JCrew's mini skirts. I only have this one, but have considered ordering many other colors and fabrics of this same style (actually shorter on me than it appears) because it is so comfortable and fits my short body.

Last Week's Workouts

Monday (Memorial Day): Long trail run ~12 miles

Tuesday: a.m. shoulder strength, power yoga

Wednesday: 3.6 a.m. miles, 20 min shoulders and legs strength work

Thursday: Speed work AKA legs of lead, 6.3 miles. The workout included: 1 mile warm up, drills, 2 x 1 mile @10K pace (I went about 5K pace), 4 x 1000m at 5K and faster pace (I tanked), 1 mile cool down. Basically, I went out too fast running with friend Chris who is a bit faster than me. Got so excited that I was holding his pace that I did that for two miles, which left nothing in my legs for the 1,000s. Oh well, you live and learn. I ended up jogging the last 1,000m and making it a mile instead. 

Friday: Short 2.3 mile run + 10 min arms + core work. Board meeting at work so I knew I had to fit it what I could before an early morning and long day at the office. 

Saturday: More meetings, rest day. My legs and whole body were feeling sore and tired likely from Thursday's workout, so I just gave myself the day off from exercising. 

Sunday: 8.85 miles of bike path + 2 summits up Skinner's Butte, Lifeforce Fit {yoga, weight lifting, HIIT work}. The killer was when Jay made us finish class with a 3 min plank. Needless to say, I took a few breaks and the sweat was dripping off my forehead!

A note on strength: In the last few weeks since the Peterson Ridge Rumble, I've gone back to incorporating three strength workouts per week. Strength training is not only important to our bone health, but it's also an area that helps make me a stronger runner, while bringing out definition in my arms, core and legs.

Last week I went to Target and tried on a bunch of stuff. I ended up walking away with nada, but liked this top for work. The skirt however, was like an awful pair of sweat pants.

I went back the next day for a few of their basic tank tops and a t-shirt as they are so comfy (and cheap)! I'm due to replace some of my old summer wear, so Target always fits the bill.

There are still a few things I'd like to get for our Europe trip {i.e. a comfy pair of flats}, but I want to be intentional about buying items I'll wear after the trip and are also reasonably priced.

Tell me: What was your best workout of the week? Any favorite summer fashion purchases? 

Something to listen to
Have you guys checked out Jess Lively's podcast? I've followed her several years through her jewelry business and now life with intention. She started doing these podcasts a few months ago where she interviews really interesting and inspiring entrepreneurs and I've really enjoyed several of them.


missris said…
I'm going to have to check out the JCrew mini skirts because I'm also a shorty and skirts are almost always too long on me!
Cute outfit! I love that skirt. I have issues with skirts being to short on me though because I am tallish... But I will have to try one on next time I am at J.Crew.

Nice work on your workouts - you got lots of variety in! I am happy with my week of workouts. I did 4 of the shred workouts and ran twice. Tomorrow will be a rest day or I will try to find a Y that has yoga on Sundays as I could use some extra stretching.

My summer purchase so far this month include 2 light weight cardigans from target. One is a coral color which I wore with a navy dress and got compliments on. I figure I can't have too many cardigans and these were on sale for $15!
Amber said…
I can't remember if you like Toms or not but mine were life savers on our recent trip to Europe! I wore them almost daily and with lots of different things - maxi skirts, crops, jeans etc. They were even comfier than my running shoes when it came to doing lots of walking around cities!

Good job on the workouts last week. It was kind of a bad week for me since I was out of town for work but I got in one shred workout and one run while out of town so I'll take it!

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