Sunshine & Summertime

I know it isn't technically summer yet, but here in Oregon things are feeling way too summery to not be calling it summer. Typically, we have rain into early July, but the rain seems to have stayed away for a week or two straight and 70+ degree days are the norm. I'll take it!

To keep it short and sweet, here are a handful of things that have really put me in the summer spirit!

Dressing like an Easter egg {and wearing flip flops}

Love me some pastels

This was after yoga, a few miles of running and then a little strength clinic put on by Team Run Eugene on Saturday. It was a perfect outfit for running errands and studying chemistry.

Meeting up with friends for hours of beer fest fun

It was so fun roaming the brew fest, do some quality people watching and try beers that struck our fancy. I tend to like the lighter, crisp stuff, ambers and malty porters, but am not a big IPA fan. 

Fresh meals on the back porch

This goodness gets wrapped in rice paper and dipped in plenty of peanut sauce

Salad wraps are always a fun meal for when you want to get creative, but not heat up your whole house. The tofu was all that needed a little cooking.

Cycling with the manfriend

*Fun fact: I actually bought this jersey for him in 2009 from a bike shop 
close to the Champs Elysees

Love saying hi to the cows... moo!

The two rides we've done together this year have really made me want to step up my cycling game. I'm not sure that it will happen, but I would love to become a stronger cyclist. If only it didn't take so much time! 

So there you have it, a few things that are making me extra happy these days. If there's one key ingredient to all of this, it is clearly the sunshine!

What is putting you in extra good spirits these days? What's your weather like right now? 

Oh, and I had my chemistry final yesterday, so it feels good to have that behind me and the summer open to enjoy. Now for some last minute Europe planning... Wish me luck!


missris said…
Your Europe trip is coming up! Exciting! Also, your summer happiness list looks a lot like mine: sunshine, running and biking, beer (but not hoppy beer), etc. This is why we're friends!
Amber said…
Your Europe trip will be here so soon! I'm so excited for you guys!! I LOVE SUMMER. The only thing is I really wish I had a job that had flex hours so I could take Friday's off, or work shorter hours or something in the summer because even though I love my job I HATE working in the summer!
Leigh said…
Weather is nice today but it's hit or miss in June in Alberta. It's usually pretty rainy. Where are you all going in Europe?
Jessica Jarrell said…
Yum, those salad wraps look yummy! They've got my wheels turning to experiment with rice paper and vegetables :)
Hooray for being done with chemistry! It will be so nice to focus your attention on trip planning instead of chemistry studying!!

My summer is off to a great start, too. I'm enjoying sunshine, being able to wear dresses most days, long walks and bike rides, and the smell of others grilling in the air!

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