Marathon Monday

Hello again, Monday. Last week's training was supposed to be a lighter one, and it felt like it effort wise, but mileage wise, it wasn't really.

Monday - rest day, 20 min of easy stretching with YogaGlo

Tuesday - double day: 3.5 morning miles w/ 15 min of tempo, 4.5 miles in the heat after work

Wednesday - morning strength circuit, 5 miles run post work + arms and abs

Thursday - 25 min YogaGlo focusing on building upper body strength for inversions, SPEED work on the bark trail. Workout: warm up mile, drills, 5 x 1000m with 600m at 5K pace, 200m easy, 200m 5K pace and then a cool down. 

Friday - morning fun = 25 min spin on the road bike + 25 min of sweaty circuit strength
* I love getting my workout completed all in the mornings on Fridays so I can go out and play after work. This also works well because I usually take it easier on Fridays to prepare for a big weekend. 

Saturday - 8.5 miles w/ 7 miles at marathon goal pace (but all of them were well below it!) followed by 15 min of yoga stretching

Don't mind the awkward angle of this, which makes my waist look freakishly small.

Sunday - 12 miles of sufferfest. The manfriend and I ran long together yesterday and I felt pretty terrible for the last three miles especially. I think I have some inner ear thing going on because Saturday afternoon through today, my head feels floaty, my balance is off and I've had several dizzy spells. Fun fun!

Total miles: 38

Finally, a note about the Slug Queen Competition
So, Eugene and all of its quirkiness has this thing called Slug Queen where people run to basically be the arts & culture ambassador to the city for the year. This person gets the privilege of being invited to a lot of events, festivals, parades, etc.

Well, my coworker, known on Friday as "Gloria Slimem" ran this year so we went down to watch the festivities on Friday night.

The coronation of the annual Slug Queen requires a fashion show, which she nailed, a talent show and then answering of random questions. There were five slugs running in total this year and Gloria Slimem was by far one of the top runners. 

Slimem even got on stage with a dance crew and got the entire audience (and former Slug Queens) off their feet and groovin'. 

I'll admit that before attending this year's coronation I thought the Slug Queen was just some weird person who liked to feel important, but apparently they actually do some great things for the community! Anyway, like everything else, the judging is silly and Shannon aka Gloria didn't end up the queen. 

Alas, I thought you'd enjoy reading about the whole Slug Queen thing.  

Hope you're off to a happy Monday! Any training highlights (or lowlights this week)?

Congrats to Amber for finishing her first 50K! It sounded like a beast, elevation wise especially. 


Tasha Malcolm said…
Nice job being below pace for your Saturday run. Those are always great confidence boosters. I hope you are feeling better from your run on Sunday. At least you had good company :-)

Loved the Slug Queen competition. Very Eugene! :-)
Amber said…
Wow great job on your training so far! I'm in awe of how much strength training you fit in. I am so bad at squeezing that into my training cycles and I know it's bad for me and I need to do more of it.

Thanks so much for the shout out too :)
Your wait does look tiny in that photo! I love your running photos - you always look so cute! That is another strong week of training. I hope the ear thing has worked itself out. Feeling dizzy is an awful sensation!

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