this morning I saw the sunrise

Oh the things you accomplish when you day begins at 5 AM. The alarm went off just as I had fallen back asleep. It was time for man friend to get going and for me to take him to the airport. In typical fashion, man friend's packing style included grabbing some of his fav t's, jeans, toiletries, work shirts and a few going out shirts and putting them into a bag. Time: 15 min.

After dropping him off, I was starving and cooked an egg (over easy!) and two Nature's Path frozen waffles with a scoop of almond butter and a douse of syrup. Yum yum! These waffles were good and kind of reminded me of those Eggos I used to eat (loved them frozen) as a kid.

It was time to pack up my stuff, bike, and food into the car to take back to my house for the week. I took the dog for a 15 min walk as the sun rose. Then I headed off to my house for a quick Jillian workout, shower and bike to work! Whew.

The man is not looking forward to his week in Vegas, FYI, which includes a few days of work and a bachelor party. Is he crazy? I vote yes. I miss Vegas. It's been far too long (two years or so) since I've walked that strip. I love the feeling you get in viva where you never know what's going to happen in the next hour or five, but you know it's going to be awesome and you'll have hilarious photos and stories to take with you.

P.S.- Head on over to Iowa Girl Eats for some serious $ saving shopping tips!


Amber said…
Those money saving tips at Iowa Girl Eats are AMAZING. I need to get organized with my grocery shopping!

That's funny that he's not too excited about Vegas, maybe he'll have more fun once he gets there!
Why is it that the BOYS always choose vegas for the bachelor parties (well, i guess it's obvious....but really? No one is creative these days...) ??

I used to have Eggos all the time too - now I have an unsual craving for frozen waffled! ha ehhh weird
Anonymous said…
Oh Vegas. Yes. I miss that place too. It's a life experience to have a "lay over" there. No hotel room needed.
Heart Your PIC
Laura said…
Mm, that breakfast sounds delicious!

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