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I don't have much to say today, but Margarita, I miss your candid accounts of your continual struggle to keep your body and mind healthy and happy. For those of you who didn't read her daily Shape Up! blog, this post (and the photos at the bottom) will give you a pretty good idea of how real and fabulous her journey has been. I just sighed when I read her post this morning.

If you can't be real with the whole world (or a few thousand readers anyway), how can you be real with yourself?

This morning while eating my breakfast I started the book Lies at the Alter in which Dr. Robin Smith immediately announces that being truthful is at the root of any healthy relationship. She's right. Any healthy relationship we have with our bodies, our friends, family and significant others is a result of being honest with ourselves about what we really want.


Totally true. I just had a convo about this with a good friend last night. We both have friends that are going through divorces and I said I had no idea they weren't happy - you really only know as much about a relationship as a friend will tell you. And then when it's you in a relationship, sometimes you aren't honest to your friends about things and often, you are not honest to yourself, either.

Kind of sad/scary, but I think that's why we have so many divorces in our country. People would rather shove those unhappy feelings under the rug and keep going in a relationship, thinking that it's better to be married than be alone.
Amber said…
I miss Margarita, too!

So true about truthfulness, I think honesty and laughter are the bases of any good relationship. Because it's important to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes and also to ALWAYS be honest with your partner!
Anonymous said…
I agree 110% - relationship of ANY kind don't go anywhere unless you're honest. I've experienced the good and bad of this; and learned a lot from people who approach things each way.

and seriously, Margarita is missed by many! :) I stopped following the blog when she left, was this a guest post??

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