music to my ears

Music makes me feel at peace. It's like comfort food. It's like a warm cuddly blanket and a hot cup of cocoa on a winter day. And live music, well that's pretty much heaven for this one. I'm a concert junkie. They're such an experience that you can't really exchange for anything else. The itunes album will never compare to the live performance. Wednesday night was much the same.

Jack Johnson's amazing voice and talent seduced me once again. Not only is he gorgeous (sorry ladies, he's married and with kid), but this guy is a good man who likes going barefoot on stage, surfs the waves in Hawaii and manages to still care about fundraising to save the trees and all. AKA famous, but still grounded. I separated from my friends and stood with the large crowd smashed against the security fence just to get a close up peak at his beautiful baby blues and oh was it worth it.

The strange thing about concerts is, that at the same time that I'm feeling so seduced by the experience, I find myself feeling more alone than ever. If you're single, you know what I'm talking about. Couples everywhere are holding hands, hugging, kissing, making gah gah faces at each other so much so that you want to barf. Concerts are the place where couples go to tell the world yep, we're together. Ok, maybe that 's not's probably just that once you're in a relationship you're more likely to go with your significant other than a group of friends, but us singles are taking note. And being single can make you feel like damn, I better get on the ball. That was probably why at one point in the evening my friend looked over and said, "you look mad." Nope, not mad, just thinking. Nights filled with couples and good music (many of which are some type of love song) get you thinking.

Then yesterday I decided to take a trip to the coast to do some hiking on a surprisingly warm day for the Oregon coast to which my mom replied "um, are you going with anyone?" No mom, I have no one to go with. "Ooookay." I'll be fine. I have a cell phone. After a good 5 mile uphill hike with views, I headed further up the coast to say a quick hello to the grandparents. And again came, "did you come with anyone?" No grams, I'm alone just like I am at every Thanksgiving and Christmas gathering. Just went hiking for the day. Great views...blah blah blah, insert verbiage so as to make it seem worth being here on my own.

I always think I'm fairly cool with being alone because I'm so used to my singledom, but I start to question it when everyone else does.


Anonymous said…
I will be forever jealous that you saw Jack in concert. I can only imagine, amaaazing. And I'm also jealous that you have that kind of hiking within a short drive, and that you actually take the time to enjoy it. Beautiful view!

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