It's hotter than Haites

and I'm not sure I want to go back to work next week. After a week of vacation, a girl could get used to this whole life of leisure thing. I spent the last five days in the sticks relaxing at my grandparents' summer cabin where cell and internet service is spotty. It sure makes one appreciate the forced separation from stress, communication, work e-mails reminding me of deadlines I'm behind on, etc.

I arrived back in the big city to visit the newly college graduated bro last night in his new apartment near downtown Portland. It's just what I want, but I'm not sure the timing's right. Although really, when is the RIGHT time? He has an awesome view of the city and is in arm's reach of everything. This is all sounding so good in my vacation hangover state. Now he's off to work and I'm off to figure out how to survive the next few days of barely sub 100 degree heat. The lake is sounding pretty nice right about now...

Happy Friday!


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