Pushing the pace

Yesterday my friend K and I ran our five miler pretty fast. Bottom line: it was Monday, I was in a bad mood and pounding the pavement seemed like the only cure. Around 3.5 miles the three guys running right on our heels said to each other "I wasn't planning to run this fast." "Me neither." And so, we kept on pushing. Then I hear, "What pace are we at?" Response "7:35."

You know when you have someone on your heels and you desperately want them to pass you so you can ease up, but they won't? Yeah, that's what happened. I was mostly impressed I could even maintain the pace, as I'm usually running an 8 min mile, but whatevs. We made it. K on the other hand, has the impressive ability to run 6:30 min miles and prob faster and yet she's nice enough to run with lil ole me.

And in non-running news, I stopped by Tar-get on my way home tonight to pick up some necessities for my trip (contact solution and face wash). As usual, it turned into several contact cleaning solutions (because my eyes always hurt), two boxes of cereal, shiny new bobby pins, earrings and two kinds of Aveeno face wash (because I just couldn't pick). $63 later, it was all mine.


Anonymous said…
I HATE it when someone rides my tail on a run! Though I do love it when I'm able to push my pace the way you talked about, it always makes me feel like I'm stretching myself and getting better. I usually push a 7:45 pace- two summers ago I did a 10 miler at 6:40 and I felt like Superman!

Though I can't get near that right now :(

Good luck at your 1/2 in Utah!
Anonymous said…
Very nice! My pace is always right around 8 min/mile too, and sometimes it's nice to have that push behind you, but if it goes on for too long it's definitely annoying.
Good luck in Utah this weekend! I'm headed out West to northern NM and the weather is supposed to be around 60, so hopefully you get some sunshine and maybe a little warmth too :)
Rachel H. said…
Don't you love it when you go into Target or Wal-Mart planning to only buy one thing then come out with a whole cart of things...

Thanks for the running story - I need someone to push behind me though, so I pick up my pace.

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