I'm a product junkie

I'll admit it. At any one time I have multiple shampoos, face washes, lotions, perfumes, etc in my possession. Some are in use and others are just sitting in my product overflow box waiting to be opened.

For those of you ladies who love makeup as much as the next girl (boys, you can now surf YouTube or read Maxim or whatever it is you do when bored beyond belief), here are my latest finds. I'm in heaven.

Origins "Soft Touch" eyeshadow
Origins "Celestial Shimmer" eyeshadow
Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm w/ pomegranate oil (yum!)
Physicians Formula "Classic Eyelight" Eyebrightener
Cargo "Miami Beach" bronzer/blush (sigh, I'm in love)

Makeup is one of my creative outlets. Even when I don't need something, I'm drawn to the colors and sparkles and just can't step away from the makeup counter.


I wish I was more into the make-up stuff. I just throw on some mascara and call it a day! When we're getting ready to go out I have my roomie put on my eye-shadow, she's better at it than I am :)
i fellow product junkie... i knew i loved you for a reason! i have enough beauty products in my bathroom to makeover a small country.

sadly, this is not a joke! i believe in have options... lots of beauty options!

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