Driving is cheap therapy

Last night I was driving home from a friend's birthday dinner in the rain and my brain started turning about a lot of stuff. That's when I realized that driving is the only time I allow myself to be alone with just my thoughts and the music playing on the radio. I'm forced to. Otherwise, it's always go-go-go for me. I'm the worst at just relaxing. If I'm sick, forget it, I still go running and try to continue on with my normal routine (and prob stay sicker longer than I should because I don't chill out). My body doesn't know what rest is. If I don't have anything to do, I find something, quick.

Instead of driving the four miles home and going to bed, I decided to drive a bit further. I drove about ten miles out of my way, ended up at WinCo (for milk and granola), but mainly as an excuse to myself for making the drive and then headed back home. It was a productive meeting with myself. I think I may try it again soon. Or, just try to schedule a little more down time for myself. What a novel idea.

Off to run a lot of miles (my church of choice)! And then a little Oscar night celebration with a few friends. Happy Sunday!


Driving is great therapy... I used to do it often, but now it's cheaper for me to go to a real therapist than pay for gas.

S said…
Running used to be my reflection time. I would say 'I'm off to do my filing'.

I'd call it this because while I was out I would sort out all the random thoughts in my head and decide what was worth storing away and what needed to be binned or forgotten about.
Anonymous said…
I drive so much between traveling home and road trips to see friends. I am right there with ya! I LOVE driving by myself, music on, singing loudly, and enjoying some "me" time. :)
Anonymous said…
I only shrug off driving in traffic--too many cars on the road makes me really nervous. Open roads, though? It's paradise. There's definitely something really liberating about being in control, going somewhere, and just being on the road. Glad you've found this space for yourself!

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