A friend of mine (name removed to protect the innocent) seems to think she has all the time in the world to read books, ride her bike, catch up with friends, etc. As happy as I am for her, I have to say that I simply can't find enough of it lately. And that seems to be the way things have been for me the past six months or so since our Marketing Director and my supervisor quit.

After getting nine hours of sleep I still didn't feel rested from the weekend's extravaganza. Then, I was off to an early morning appointment, getting me to work at 9:15am. Shortly after I got an e-mail saying I needed to be in Sprinfield for a press check @ 10am for a calendar we produce. After driving my butt over there and waiting in an empty conference room and trying not to fall asleep for an entire hour, I was fed up. Without any notice from the printer as to the delay in bringing me my said proof, I had to leave because frankly I didn't have the time to sit there and wait any longer. I returned to my office and started answering e-mail upon e-mail I had missed last week and tried to remedy a few dilemmas.

As the day wore on my patience for small annoyances became less and less. To add to the stress I was feeling, it just so happens that the pavers were outside our building all day ripping up and laying down new asphalt in preparation for next summer's Olympic Track and Field Trials. At 4pm my boss calls to say that the street crew says we'll be stuck in the parking lot for hours if we're not out by EXACTLY 5pm. So, I send out a friendly note to our entire building only to find out my boss was exagerating and it would only be 20 minutes that street access would be unavailable. Knowing I won't be leaving by 5pm I make a 10 block circle just to get to the other side of my building and park in the lot that is safe.

It's now 6:36pm and I know I'll be here longer attempting to finish something just so I feel I've been productive today, but I have to wonder...do I have time to go on a run tonight? Time will only tell.


T-Dizzle said…
Oh Lauren...I'd probably have less time too if I still worked for a $&#% university. Unfortunately at my current position, overtime is pretty much not permitted, which means work stays in the allotted space of 8 to 5 - I've resisted taking things home so far, to my loser existence living with my mom and not hanging out with other people, which I'll probably start doing at some point in the near future. Oh well! At least we'll both have time, whether we like it or not, to PARTY IN VEGAS!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! LOVE YA!
matt said…
Did you send one of those passive agressive notes?? The ones like on www.passiveaggressivenotes.com

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