Day in the Life

I've never actually done one of these despite enjoying reading so many other peoples' day in the life posts. On top of that, I thought it might be fun to look back on this moment in time down the road when the memories of chasing an (almost) eight month old baby around start to fade. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1:00 am Henry wakes up crying a bit. Diaper change, nurse, back to sleep

2:30 am H is up again. I think he's probably in a growth spurt because he has been eating 1-2x more at night than he was before. Nurse and back to sleep in the crib.

6:00 am H is fussing. When I go in he's standing in his crib. I'm hoping he's not up for the day because I have to go to the dentist and Pete would probably like a bit more sleep. Nurse, H seems to have energy but puts his head on my shoulder and let's me put him back in the crib and goes to sleep. Yay, 15 more min of snoozing for me!

6:50 am Alarm goes off, grab running clothes, change, out the door. If I don't go now, it's likely I won't get one in today.

7:25 am Back from a sopping 2 mile run, but happy to have got a little run in. Make coffee and cereal (Kashi GoLean + frozen blueberries + chia seeds + almonds), shower, get dressed.

7:45 am Out the door to head to my dentist appointment. Pete goes in to work a bit later, so early appointments are key.

9:00 am Teeth cleaned, home, nurse, play with Henry, feed him oat cereal w/ bananas + cheerios (great for working on his dexterity)

Just another day at the office.

10:30 am Baby down for nap. Whip up some banana bread while listening to Happier podcast.

11:15 am Friend Stef and new baby Austin come over to visit, Henry wakes up from nap, play/chat/keep H from falling

1:15 pm Take H and Jonah Bell on a walk around the neighborhood. It's randomly sunny and 60 or so (again) today, so we've got to take advantage of it!

1:40 pm Home and H is hungry & tired. Nurse and put him down for a nap.

2:00 pm Eat lunch (leftover quiche w/ greens + avocado and some chips), check emails and respond to some things re: running store events/to do's, check social media, wash dishes

3:15 pm H is up from nap and grinning. We play peek-a-boo as he stays in his crib rolling around laughing at me. Oh, my heart.  This is what life is all about. Read him some books & play.

Oh the excitement of kitchen gadgets

4:10 pm Head to mall to return something. Park across the river so we get another walk in both ways because hey, it's sunny out in January!

5:00 pm Talk to my mom on our walk back to the car, head home, nurse, attempt a short nap but he doesn't go for it, so we play

6:00 pm Feed H his "dinner" consisting of pureed veggies, peas and some mashed sweet potato. He likes it all.

6:30 pm Pete is home, plays with H, I do dishes, H has a messy diaper, so bath time it is!

7:00 pm Books, nurse, put H to bed

7:30 pm Pete and I eat chicken tacos and chat a bit, then browse social media, check email, look at rentals options.

9:00 pm Start this blog post

9:20 pm Get ready for bed

10:30 pm Henry wakes up to nurse, go to sleep

The End.

Happy Friday! What's on your agenda for the eve or weekend? I'm looking forward to a family coffee/treat outing in the a.m. and a haircut tomorrow afternoon.


How fun that H is at an age where he can play peek-a-boo! I love it when they get to the point where they can interact more with you! These kinds of posts are always fun to read because everyone's day is so different! I can't believe how mobile Henry is and how he can stand up along things - he's quite the mover and shaker!

Our weekend is fairly quiet. We are staying in today. Tomorrow night we are going to the recording of "A Prairie Home Companion" as an early birthday present for me. And then on Sunday I'm going to his mom's house to make dinner for them!
Leigh said…
I like these posts as it's fun to see what other moms days are like. Crazy how much Henry has grown and is moving around.
Anonymous said…
I got kind of exhausted by reading that, but it sounded like a good day! Particularly the banana bread, quiche, tacos and sweet potato/pea mash (j/k!) part. To reiterate what the others said, he is such mover! He's got 2 months of Gus, but I can't see Gus standing at 8 months...still needs to get up on his hands and knees and sit on his own. It'll be strange to look back on this in even a year from now when he's talking and running and think, "man, that was a lot of nursing!" Xoxo, Siri Mom
Amber said…
I love reading Days in the Life! I'm so impressed you got yourself out for a run after all those wake ups -- good for you! Sounds like Henry is at such a fun age!!
I agree with Amber; I can barely get myself out for a run after a full night of sleep; you must be so tired! It's good to get out though, no matter what! I had a busy week this week and went for two 3 mile runs but was so glad I did. Otherwise I just start to feel less motivated in general. Even a short run keeps the pep in my step!

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