Change of Scenery

Our second getaway weekend in Central Oregon proved to be a fun change of pace (as always) from life in Eugene. We love Eugene, but getting away and escaping your usual environment and routine is always refreshing. 

It was a short weekend (arriving late Friday night and leaving Bend around noon on Sunday), but a good one indeed. My only wish is that the entirety of Bend had been covered with fluffy white stuff, but we're experiencing very low snowfall levels this winter, so no dice. 

Highlights of the weekend included: 

a challenging 8-9 mile snow hike with Dawnetta and Sarah; I literally crawled or sat on my butt and slid on a few really slippery sections.

...sunshine. from my favorite bike/coffee/beer shop (unique, eh?).

...this tasty black bean burger and a heavy side of laughter with friends.

...and a few quiet moments of serenity. 

And that, my friends, is why they call it Mirror Pond. Ah, Bend

I hope you're finding some moments of serenity amidst what could be a crazy week. 

I have been thinking lately how interesting it is that the week seems to frantically rush by as I attempt to check off so many things on my list and only until we reach Friday afternoon do I allow myself a little peace. 


Lindsey said…
It looks like it was a beautiful weekend in Bend! And that burger looks amazing. It's great you have been able to get out of town recently. I'm looking forward to a few days in sunny California soon!
Leigh said…
What a gorgeous spot for a weekend getaway!
Beautiful! What a fun getaway for you! That bike slash coffee shop looks adorable - we actually have something similar here in Minneapolis and they have THE BEST coffee drinks.

We don't have much snow here either and it's kind of a bummer. Most years I would be fine with it but now that I own XC skis it's a big bummer. We do have a couple of places that make snow but it's just not the same and it really limits my options. I am hoping to get out on one of the man made snow courses this weekend, though. We got a little bit of snow yesterday so that will help but hopefully we get a big dumping soon!
Amber said…
That sounds so lovely! I love getting away for the weekend. Even better if good friends and good food are involved. Bend is high on my list to visit one day. Hopefully you and Pete can show us the ropes when we do make it down there (we are hoping to do the Oregon Coast drive in the future and I'm starting to think maybe the summer of 2016 would be good timing for that!)
Looks like you had a lot of fun! That bike/coffee shop looks very unique for sure. We have a coffee shop here called Bicycle coffee and it has actually taken off and is now sold in a bunch of other venues. It's great coffee and they brew it by the cup! You would really like it!
Elizabeth said…
Looks like a great weekend! Feel like I haven't been to Bend in forever, so might need to get in a trip this year :)

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