Slowing Down Over the Holidays

I hope that everyone had a chance to slow down a bit this holiday season, if even for a day or two. One thing I've reflected on during our week in Michigan was the fact that while it isn't in my nature to want to just sit or have nothing on the agenda for the day, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Once in a while, the body and soul just need the opportunity to decompress.

(and explore your spouse's home town)

(and chop wood)

(and not have a list of to-do's to obsess over.)

Don't be jealous of my style. It's hard to master this kind of look...


As I was writing the first part of this post, I was perched in the den of the manfriend's parents' house in rural Michigan with views of the frozen lake just outside.

The lake before my morning run

Some days, the biggest thing planned for the day was my run or going out to dinner at a nearby restaurant.

My run view

A little frost one morning, but no snow

Unfortunately, I woke up sick the morning we left Michigan to head over to Chicago to see the manfriend's brother and his little family for a few days, which forced me to do even more slowing down, napping and totally lay off the exercise.

Family time is good. And seeing the little ones, brought so much happiness to my heart. I just wish flights across the country weren't so long (and expensive).

Now I'm just trying to kick this sinus infection and plugged eardrum (thanks to the plane ride home) so that this first week of winter term isn't miserable.

I posted this on Instagram, but I was totally impressed with the San Francisco Airport's free yoga room I utilized during our three hour layover yesterday. Free props, mats and sanitizer too! It felt so good to get my stretch on.

Talk about a way to chill out and stretch the legs out after a 4.5 hour plane ride.

I need to get you caught up on these last few weeks of pregnancy, but I will say that I've reached this point where my belly is just feeling bigger and awkward. It feels almost like an attachment rather than part of my core if that makes sense. As a result, my normal clothes are starting to feel uncomfortable, so I'm trying to stick to maternity wear. I've also been feeling the baby kick and move around, which is pretty cool, but I have yet to feel it from the outside with my hand.

Okay, time to do a few errands, drink more tea, nap and organize my school stuff. I hope your Sunday is going well!

What did you do to slow down this holiday season? 


Wow, that yoga room is amazing! What a cool thing to offer! I am glad you had a great trip to the Midwest for Christmas and got a chance to relax and laze around. That is how my time up at my parents was. There is not much else to do in the area so it's easy to choose to take it easy. Bummer that you got sick, though... Being sick sucks but flying when you are sick is especially awful! Hope you feel better soon. But how exciting that you can feel the baby moving around!!!
Oh the joys of chopping wood! I remember having to do that as a child. It must be nice to slow down a bit and to not have too much on your plate for the holidays, especially since holidays can be stressful... I had a pretty quiet Christmas with the family this year, which was necessary due to work, as well as being kind of nice.
Amber said…
I'm glad you had a relaxing trip and were able to slow down a little! This past week at home was very nice and relaxed for me, but still not enough so that I feel *ready* to go back to work which is strange for me as usually I crave routine after a long time away! For the first time in a long long time I am dreading Monday morning. Oh well, hopefully I'm back in the routine before I even know it!
Elizabeth said…
I hear you with the slowing down. Although you have a better excuse with the illness and pregnancy :) For me, I feel like my body just needs a break. A chance to maintain health but also to truly focus on being healthy in a different way also. Hope your cold clears up soon and that your term is off to a good start this week! So neat that you're feeling the baby :)
Lindsey said…
The view from Pete's parents house looks amazing! And that's awesome the SF airport has a yoga room. I hope you are feeling better today!

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