Where life seems to go a bit slower

Happy Sunday! I hope you've been up to something fun this Labor Day weekend.

After taking Friday off of work, I packed up early that morning and hit the road by 6:15 am with my car bound for my grandparents' cabin on the Puget Sound. It's a requirement to visit at least on e a summer and because of our Europe trip, we haven't had many opportunities so I made sure to squeeze it in.

Five hours and a few stops later, I arrived in the middle of nowhere, WA on the Puget Sound. 

Where life seems to go just a little slower for everyone and the views aren't so bad.

And reading, naps and beach time are necessity.

Where sunsets make you ponder all of the deep stuff in your life.

Where you go on a row boat "adventure" just to check out the seals hanging out on a neighbor's raft. And the water looks like a mirror.

Where family time fills your soul.

Where you're just close enough to the city to meet up with a long time blogging friend for the first time in six years. So fun to see you, Heather!

I head home tomorrow and already feel more relaxed than when I got here Friday afternoon. 

Anyway, I hope you're having a fantastic weekend! One week 'til the 50K. Time to taper... If I can remember how that works.


Wow, those photos are gorgeous! I am glad that you had a restorative weekend! There is nothing like being on the water! Happy Taper week! I hope the 50k goes great next weekend!

I had a great weekend but it felt pretty busy so I am savoring this quiet Sunday evening as I have a busy week ahead!
Jessica Jarrell said…
These pictures are hands-down amazing!! Wow. I had to look at them a couple times, I liked them so much :) It looks like you had a gorgeous and relaxing trip!
Vanessa said…
Oh, wow. What an amazing view! Looks like a great weekend to me. :)
Amber said…
Stunning! So glad you fit in a weekend there. I would definitely want to spend as much time there as possible, it looks amazing!!
Heather @Dietitian on the Run said…
Fiiiinally! :) Your weekend get-away sounds so perfect. I love how summer is sandwiched with long weekends so we can really get out and explore. :) Can't wait to come back up to the PNW!

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