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Tonight after dinner and a fun {but tiring!} bike ride with Lindsey, I was reading blogs and came across a few topics I thought would be fun to share and get your responses on as well.

First off, Monica of Run Eat Repeat does these fun 'Ask a Monican' Vlogs from time to time. Today, Monica talked about what her morning routine is before a run.

My Morning Routine
Well, it obviously depends on the day, but on a week day, I typically get up between 6:00-6:20 a.m. to get in a short workout. Most days I have my workout clothes set out so I can pull them on, drink some water and go!

M/W/F is often some kind of strength circuit or HIIT workout in the garage (sometimes I sub in a run if I won't have time that eve) and T/TH are either rest, stretching or a yoga flow.

Around 7, I start the coffee maker, take the dog for a 10-15 min walk/jog around the neighborhood, feed her, water the plants and then shower and get ready. As I said before, I never have my work clothes laid out, which is always a pain. I think I secretly dread picking out my outfit so that's why I delay it.

As much as it pains me, I wait to eat breakfast until I'm dressed for work.

On the weekends, my routine is much different. Unless I have early run plans with a friend, I don't set an alarm, but naturally wake up by 7 at the latest. Then I'll spend an hour or so drinking tea, reading blogs, checking Instagram and just watching the sun rise {one of my favorite hours of the weekend}.

Crazy hair run the morning we left for Bend for our wedding last year!

Saturdays are yoga days and sometimes I want to run before that, so I'll run a few miles around the 'hood or head down to the studio early and run from there before changing. Sundays are often up in the air, but lately have been my long run day.

In a perfect world, I would wake up no later than 6 am on Saturday and have my long run done before yoga like I did during Chicago Marathon training.

And next, Peanut Butter Runner mentioned her five favorite foods.

Five Favorite Foods
Mine would be indulgences for sure...
  1. pizza 
  2. ice cream
  3. chips & salsa w/ a kick
  4. gourmet burger w/ caramelized onion, avocado & tomato
  5. sweet potato fries
Runners up: a big beefy cobb salad & warm chocolate chip cookies

The manfriend said his five favorite foods are: pizza, Yumm bowls, mac 'n cheese, PB&J and beer (I added this one for him, but I know he agrees even if it is a drink). Runner up: pad Thai

What does your morning routine look like? Anything that might be out of the ordinary for others? Tell me your five favorite foods. 


It's always interesting to read about others routines! I have had busy nights lately and try to set aside 2 week nights to see Phil, so that means getting my workouts in before work. In order to do that, I have to get up at 5 which gives me about 45 minutes to get a workout in as I have to leave for work around 6:30 since I need to be there around 6:45-7. On weekends, when I run with my run club I get up at 5:45 so I have time to eat breakfast and drink coffee and have that settle before we start running at 7. On Sundays I tend to 'sleep in' and I sometimes don't work out until the afternoon, depending on what my day is like.

Favorite foods are tacos, chips and salsa, nicoise salad, crepes, and mashed potatoes!
missris said…
Wow you morning workout ladies blow my mind! I almost always work out after work, with the exception of my weekend long runs which I have to do in the morning during the summer. What time do you go to bed in order to get enough sleep?
Amber said…
About 4 days per week I get up at 5:30-5:40 to get a morning workout in. My morning workouts come in the form of runs, at-home strength/HIIT workouts or yoga classes. I usually try to start my workout no later than 6 as I need to be getting ready for work no later than 7-7:15!

Man, favourite foods is a hard one. I love taco salads, green smoothies, oatmeal, peanut butter, frozen yogurt and brownies. But I would really have to sit down and think about it to come up with my five very favourite foods!
Natalie Land said…
I set the alarm for just before 6am and have my clothes set next to the bed. I get out and do my run or walk for 30 mins and get home and stretch then shower hopefully before the kids wake up at 7am. Then I pack lunches for the 2 boys and get miss 2 ready for day care. I eat (or lately just eat their leftover cereal) and pack my salad and hopefully have the 4 of us out the door by 8:15am. Then I do a 30 min walk during lunch time at work.

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