Snow Ho Ho!

I know that much of the country is experiencing extremes with these various cold fronts. As you probably know, here on the valley floor in Oregon, it's rare that we get snow. 

This whole week has been extra cold and then as predicted, we woke up at 6 a.m. to a blanket of the white stuff! 

The manfriend and I were both pretty giddy about the scene outside. He got up and got to work shoveling the walkway and driveway (can't blame the Michigander), while I bundled up for a necessary snow run!

 Loved what the light and movement did to this photo 

So peaceful out

Jonah Bell was especially happy this morning bounding through the snow on our walk. 

It continued to snow through the day and I came home late this afternoon to more work for the manfriend! I think we got about 6-8" in total. 

People in these parts don't really know how to drive in this kind of weather and we don't have the snow plows to keep up, so the roads are a mess. People are encouraged to stay home if they don't have to go anywhere. I heard on the news tonight that there were about 250 wrecks in the Eugene/Springfield area today!

When the manfriend got home, we headed to Jerry's, the local home improvement store for a bag of salt for the driveway. 

Not gonna lie, it was fun to be all bundled up, drive slowly (of course) and peruse the various Christmas ornaments. My favorite tree was this rustic one with the cowboy boots and old fashion skis.

It feels like vacation or something, but alas, I still have to take final exams on Monday and Wednesday. :(

Tomorrow we're supposed to go to running friend Lonn's Over the River and Through the Woods 10K, but tonight's temps are supposed to be in the teens so I'm not sure if it will be a "go." Crossing my fingers though!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Welp, we're bundling up to walk down to the corner store for some necessities, ahem, craft brews. Stay safe & warm!


While everyone is getting cold weather and snow, we got unseasonably warm weather as it was 75 and really humid here. If it was January I'd embrace the warm temps, but it was weird for December and actually made me dislike it here even more... But we should be back to more normal, although certainly not 'wintery' temps by tomorrow. I love the snow picks! Sometimes it's good to have an excuse to bundle up and stay indoors. Good luck with your studying this weekend. It will be good to have these finals behind you!!
Amber said…
I actually really like the snow but I hate the cold! We had a major cold front last week and I did NOT like it at all. But this morning we woke up to much warmer temperatures and more snow so I had a lovely run in it!!

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