Running UPhills Again

Whew, we made it to Thursday! That pretty much means we're sliding down the hill to Friday so life simply feels a bit easier, don't you agree?

Yesterday, the manfriend and I met on our lunch break for a quick bite and to pick up our marriage license (both parties have to be present)! I ordered it online a few weeks ago so all we had to do was answer a few questions and hand over a check. We have the paper work, so now we just need to get hitched!

The manfriend has been partaking in a Wednesday night mountain bike ride called 'Dirty Ghetto' the last few weeks so I've been on my own these nights. 

Last night, I opted to use my open evening to get some miles in on the Ridgeline Trail. Now that the sun is out until 9 pm, the trails are perfect for running several hours after work!

The last two summers, I did 2-3 runs per week on the trails out of necessity (training for the MRTR 50K). I'm hoping to get back to it more often because I know these hills make me a stronger runner. And if I want to be in peak running fitness for the Chicago Marathon, hills are going to be on the training plan.

Side note: my butt is already sore from these UPhills.  

One of the things I love about this trail are the little bridges everywhere. 

A. I love pink and B. CranRazz Shot Bloks are quite tasty 

For dinner, I tried this new-to-me Amy's pesto and veggie pizza. Dear Amy's, this pizza does not contain three servings. 

Per the usual, I had to doctor it up with my own additions of caramelized onion, diced mushroom a few chunks of cooked sweet potato and a drizzle of BBQ sauce. Sounds random, tastes good. 

I ate about half the pizza, but probably could have devoured the whole thing. The only thing holding me back was the thought of having tasty leftovers for lunch today.

Verdict: frozen pizza doesn't have to be so bad, on the taste or nutrition front.

While I used to feel guilty if I was out to dinner with friends on the occasion, while the manfriend stayed home, recently I've realized how nice it is for both of us to have our own evenings alone or apart once in a while. Having some separation now and then makes you appreciate each other that much more.

What's your favorite way to spend an evening alone? And your favorite freezer meal/food? 


Amber said…
Eric and I spend a lot of evenings apart and I think it's good for us! I think we'd get tired of each other if we spent EVERY night together! haha.

Way to go getting back on the trails. That trail run looks beautiful. I haven't ran on the ROAD in ages but I'm OK with that :)
Yay for getting your marriage license! I remember be nervous when we got ours. Have no idea why.

Not much of a freezer meal person, but if I do pizza like you did I also add my own toppings.

A night solo for me is when I read and enjoy a glass of wine.
That is exciting that you picked up your marriage license. Must make it all feel a bit more real. That is such a cute photo of you two - I am so excited for your big day and can't wait to see ALL the photos from it! :)

I have never been in a relationship where I've spent every night with the guy, so I am used to have some nights to myself, which I like. I have lived alone for so long, I kind of like my alone time. There are certain meals that I know would not pass for a meal in the eyes of a guy, like a microwaved baked potato, so I would save those kind of meals for the nights I was on my own.
I love that feeling of the butt burn that the hills give! It's hard but satisfying! I always make big batches of food and freeze them to take to lunch and it's so nice to be able to just grab and go!

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