Yogic Breathing

Last night, I hopped into bed and immediately was overwhelmed by wedding brain. Basically, the immediate list of things I KNOW I need to do starts streaming through my head.

To calm myself, I started thinking about yoga breathing that makes me so relaxed. Along with that comes a number of phrases various teachers have suggested over the years.

The one I personally love, is something to the effect of...

Breathe in strength (or light or energy),
Breathe out what doesn't serve you. 

Sunrise at the top of Bolan Mt.

This has always resonated well with me and brings a lot of comfort. I like the idea of mentally dumping everything I no longer need that clutters up the important stuff in life. 

Happy Thursday!

Do you have a phrase that serves as your mantra when you're stressed or overwhelmed?


I am glad that the yogic breathing helped you deal with wedding brain! It is hard to work through those moments of anxiety or moments when you feel overwhelmed. I just usually tell myself to take deep breaths but don't have a mantra. I might borrow yours. :)
Elizabeth said…
The other day I calmed myself down reflecting upon "let go of what you can't control." It definitely worked. When I used to need to pump myself up for something I'd use "be assertive, be, be, assertive" :)
Raina said…
Sorry that you have been stressing over the wedding! It will all turn out wonderfully-

I don't do breathing, but I like a good scream..and then once I calm down, I find a verse to meditate on. :)
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Raquelita said…
I had trouble letting go of dissertation brain and job market brain at various stages in my relatively recent past, so I can empathize with anxiety and too many thoughts hitting you at night when you're trying to go to sleep. I'm not sure I used any specific mantra, but I did do a lot of deep breathing to calm down.

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