Eats as of Late

I haven't been taking many photos of my meals lately, but I have a few from the last few days for you. 

After Saturday's painful 10K, Sunday's 'shake 'er out' 6.5 miler with friends was anything but easy. I wanted to stop and walk at mile three, but didn't. #thepowerofrunningbuddies

After studying and a trip to Trader Joe's, I came home to make this egg sandwich with onion, spinach, mushroom and tomater on top. And I couldn't resist a half piece of toast with jam on it. 

Last week I picked up a loaf of Dakota bread from Great Harvest. I always forget how much I love this bread. Seedy, nutty and moist. 

Yesterday, I took my last A&P test for the term! I'm so happy to be done with it. Granted, I still have two terms of it in my future as it's a three class series. 

After Lifeforce, I whipped up a little layered veggie taco pie. I sauteed the veggies in a pan for a few min, added some taco seasoning and then piled it on top of corn tortillas that I ripped so they would fit in the dish. Finally, I shredded a little cheddar on top and baked it at 350* for ~20 minutes.

After dinner, the manfriend and I headed to Sweet Life for dessert & decaf.

Dulce de leche for him, chocolate mint fudge for her

Someday, we'll only order one dessert because really, that's all we need. Ahem, the manfriend says that's all I may need, but he needs an entire piece. 

Other foodie thoughts: Lately, I've been trying to avoid consuming a lot of dairy. As I say that, yes, we had cheese and cake with dairy in it last night. BUT, overall, I'm using cheese sparingly and primarily use almond milk for cereal, oats and green smoothies because I notice my stomach is happier when I do.

My face has been breaking out a lot, likely due to stress and random eats, so I'm trying to make a few changes. As for stress management, hopefully taking a break from classes and doing more yoga will help.

Purely for humor, here's what I wore to Sunday's St. Patty's Day group run - as much green as possible. Yes, it may have been a bit obnoxious, but sometimes you just have to embrace the holiday!

I think I look like I'm heading to crossfit or something.

Truth: I've never tried crossfit and secretly don't want to because I can see myself getting addicted and not wanting to fork over the $$ for it. Strength workouts (and seeing progress) motivates me, but for now I'll stick to my at home M/W/F strength work.

How's your week going? Any truths you want to tell me about? 


missris said…
Love the green outfit! I hear ya on's SO expensive that I don't want to fall in love with it only to not be able to afford it. Maybe one day.
Raquelita said…
I love the green St. Paddy's day look. I'm going to have to invest in some better green running socks for next year. :)

Truth: I'm upset because I weigh more than I have in years. Regrouping.
Amber said…
I felt like I was kind of addicted to crossfit but I literally COULDN'T afford it so I had to give it up unfortunately. Hopefully one day I will be able to fit it into the budget again because I really did love it and felt strong going but it was just SO pricey!

That layered veggie taco pie looks AMAZING! I will have to try making that!
You would get addicted to crossfit, trust me. I don't think my box is super expensive though. I pay $70 a month for 2 days a week.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Randall Cogburn said…
Cool Blog Lauren, check out those socks :) old school. I used to do a lot of running like 5k,10k,25k and this guy we used to call pineapple wore these socks the color of pineapples.


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