How easy is too easy?

(No, I'm not talking about running.) I think I officially found my yoga limit of ease. This week, I've been taking things pretty easy for my leg's sake and the fact that I've felt a little under the weather.

As a result, I decided to make use of this month long yoga pass ($39 for first time students) I have to try a few more classes.

Tuesday was my rest day so I stayed away from cardio, but figured it couldn't hurt to get my stretch on as my hamstring is painfully tight this week. As in, bending over and trying to straighten my left leg completely makes me wince in pain.

I went to an "exploring yoga" basic yoga class and found my limit and patience for ease. Yes, I knew it was going to be a slow, gentle class, but I didn't expect we wouldn't do a single full sun salutation.

Sorry, but I believe yoga is all about the sun salutations and flow and this class was pretty much the opposite. No flow, pose here, pose there, back bend, savasana. Thank goodness for the two rounds of yogi push ups and triangle to half moon so I could give my left leg a nice stretcharoo.

Anyway, it's rare that I find a fitness class that I'm so frustrated by that I want to walk out, but Tuesday was one of them (I didn't walk out). Suffice it to say, I'm still searching for a yoga studio in Eugene that just feels right.

Lindsey and I go to Kira's Saturday morning class at Lifeforce Fitness (which is amazing), but I'm often busy on the weekends and would love a challenging, but zenlike class to take midweek.

For now, I think I'm going to have to roll out the mat at home to get the kind of practice I want.

Best part of your week so far? Have you ever walked out on a workout class?


J said…
I have left a class early before - for many reasons - not liking the class or having to get somewhere for an appt. I am lucky I have many locations for my gym with many good instructors. My yoga class has a really good flow and i really enjoy it. Ive never done yoga at home by myself - that might be something I should try.
Amber said…
Hahaha I think this post shows you DO need this kind of class in your life - if not physically than mentally ;) I adore yin and gentle yoga classes because they challenge me MENTALLY more than anything. I was actually thinking last night during an intense and sweaty hot flow class that I'm will need to do a lot more gentle classes during 50 k training because my legs almost couldn't hold up last night after running 8 miles yesterday morning!
I have never walked out on a fitness class before, even though the thought has crossed my mind. Many times.
That yoga class is the reason I don't usually do yoga; I have had a few of them that just aren't really what I am looking for! I hope you find one that works better for you, but in the meantime good job on keeping it up at home! I am also bad at that...
I have never left a class, but I debated leaving one last summer because I did not realize how hard it would be. It was at a yoga studio I was checking out. It was called yoga sculpt. I should have read the class description a bit better because it ended up being like a boot camp style class and I had already ran 14 miles that morning so I was pooped. But the class was packed and I would have had a hard time getting out of the room so I ended up in child's pose quite a bit during class. ;)

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