Taco Bowls & Headstands

Happy rainy Wednesday to you! It's been super cold here in Eugene and hard to imagine it's still fall. For example, Monday night I wore long spandex, long sleeve top, gloves and ear warmers on my run. Felt like snow was on the way! Brrr...

I did my run Monday to the tune of NPR broadcasting the presidential debates. Definitely kept my mind hooked for the full 45 minutes. It was one of those "less about the workout and more about just getting in a run" kind of nights. 

I haven't posted any meals in quite a while so I thought I'd give you one of our standard dinners this week. 

We typically do some kind of burrito, taco or bean and rice bowl each week. In addition, pasta, marinara and a good dose of veggies also makes a weekly appearance. 

These meals fit the bill for being satisfying, easy to throw together, healthy and affordable. 

Tuesday's dinner: Taco bowls 

I know what you're thinking - this isn't a bowl. Yup. We were out of bowls. I forgot that the dishwasher was clean so plates it was.

Disclaimer: I consider anything with beans, taco seasoning and a little salsa worthy of the word "taco."

Serves 2

10 minute brown rice
red bell pepper
Trader Joe's roasted pepper and onion freezer bag
sweet potato
black beans
plain yogurt
cheese (optional)

Roast 1 chopped and lightly olive oil sprayed sweet potato in the oven at 400 for about 20 min.

Boil water and start rice. Meanwhile, begin chopping your veggies. Start sauteing the onion in a little olive oil. Add other veggies in. After a few minutes, add a little taco seasoning. Add 1/2 cup rinsed and drained black beans.

Throw the broccoli in with the rice for a few minutes (easy way to cook it through). Remove the broccoli and put it in the pan with the other veggies. Take your sweet potato out to cool, drain the rice and start assembling your bowl. Mushrooms and zucchini are a few of my other favorite veggies to include in these taco bowls.

We add salsa, plain yogurt and a little cheddar (or whatever we have) to the top. Avocado is also a great topper. And finally, add some chips to dip if you want!

Ooh, last night I was doing a little yoga flow at home and decided to try some more forearm headstand. I had the manfriend there for safety, but sure enough, I was able to pop right up without his help (or without toppling over) several times.

Clearly, it's just my mind having a little freak out and not trusting that I can do it. In so many things in life, it really is mind over matter.

I can happily say my chemistry midterm is now out of the way. It's crazy how it actually feels good to study hard and apply the knowledge you've learned. Not quite the same as my undergrad experience...

A few things I've been thankful for during these stressful weeks: the manfriend, pumpkin spice candles at home, yoga, quick meals, Halloween candy (Twix at 10 am? Yes, please.), when I actually understand concepts we're learning about and fitting in workouts.

Thankful thoughts this week? Any good recipes you've tried?


Amber said…
Funny you should blog about this since I'm eating leftovers from a bean and rice bowl dinner we had last night, except I'm lazy and buy pre packaged "spanish or mexican" rice and cook it ;)

Good job on the forearm headstand. I can do it up against a wall but there's definitely a fear factor there for me doing it in the middle of the floor too!
Those rice bowls sound like a great idea--I'll definitely have to try it out. Just posted earlier today a bunch of the recipes I've been trying out--some of them might be easy for you to try--lots of wraps and breakfast-for-dinner :) Glad school is becoming a groove and is proving satisfying!
Lindsey said…
Nice work with the headstands! We usually do some sort of taco meal every week too. I have been so lazy with food lately, so I haven't tried anything new! Need to get on that...

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