Rest Day Reminder

Hello, Friday! Amazing how much I appreciate you every time you come around. My low back had stabbing pain most of yesterday so I took it easy other than a little yoga and a walk. It's a good reminder to honor rest days. They are vital to continue running strong and healthy, whether I like it or not. 

This weekend, I'm hoping to do some easy running with a few miles of trail if the back will allow. On Sunday, the manfriend and I are hoping to ride a local highway (242) that is closed to traffic for a few weeks and involves lots (22 mi) of climbing. We'll see if I survive...

I've been snapping photos regularly so I thought it would be fun to include photos of the last week (or so). 

Last Friday after work, the manfriend and I went to the Prefontaine Classic early races and stayed to see the Kenyan Olympic Trials 10,000m race. It was a pretty awesome 27 minutes. 

Finally got my I <3 Sweat shirt after stalking Ali's blog/facebook for them for a while. #worthit

The typical state of our coffee table. Organized we are not. 

I busted out the new trail shoes for Monday's run - felt good on trail, so so on pavement.

We're currently experiencing bipolar weather here in Oregon. One minute it's a downpour with thunder and lightning and the next it's sunny and warm.

I'm just hoping the sunshine shows up for good when the Olympic Trials roll into town in two weeks. 

Tuesday night, the manfriend had his first criterium race of the season. Summer is on the way!

So for those of you experiencing summer weather, humor me with what you're doing to enjoy the sun this weekend. I'm more than ready for nights of grilling, bike dates and enjoying dinner and a beer outside.


I need new trail shoes soon too!

Our house is always kind of disorganized and it drives me crazy but when I clean and organize it only lasts about 1 day anyways!
I am kicking off summer with a wedding! My cousin is getting married and I am so excited for the wedding as we haven't had a family wedding for 3 years! Besides that I want to get a run in at my parents' lake home, and spend some time lounging on the dock, reading a book!
Uhm, that highway ride sounds intense! Hope the back (and all other body parts) survived ;)

I realize it's probably the "norm" for Oregon, but it is so neat that you can watch the Olympic trials!

We had a loong Spring here in DC, which was so amazing. It's finally getting up into the high 80s/low-90s and whoa - the running thing just got harder. Gah!
I don't like rest days. I mean, I know we need them and all of that, but I always tend to eat more and feel like a lazy person when I am having a rest day. It feels unproductive. I am glad you enjoyed yours though!

For my sunny weekend, I watched the Euro Cup, went grocery shopping, ate a burrito and took a long run along the coast!

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