Blur of a Weekend

But then again, aren't they all?

Greetings from the MIA! Things are busy around here. In case you haven't heard, the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials are in town.

What does that mean? Friday it meant work, work, work and then watch track and hang out with thousands of track fans all evening long in the pouring rain.

Despite the rain, it was still pretty awesome. The manfriend and I had tickets, but we opted to stay in the "Fan Fest" area for those who don't have tickets because they have several booths you can hang out in with tv's and views to the big screens displaying the track action. 

The highlight were the men's and women's 10,000 both done in the pouring rain. Not going to lie, they looked a little miserable out there cold and wet running so many laps, but both races were exciting.

Saturday, the manfriend and I had planned for a little adventure so I could run some trail and he could try his new mountain bike! That's right, this roadie is turning to the dark side. ;)

We headed out to Wypass, trails just out of town that a local mt bike group has been paving the way on for a while now. 

This combo of him mt biking and me running worked perfectly as we were often going similar paces, especially uphill. 


The trails out there aren't marked and I had only been there once so I got us lost a few times, but we made it back to the car just fine with 12.25 miles finished in 2 h 20 min or so. 

Fuel for me: 1 package Shot Blocks and water w/ electrolyte tablet, fuel for him: Clif Bar, water, Hammer mocha gu

On the drive home, we both kept chomping on pretzels and granola that I had brought with us. Clearly, we needed some serious protein and fat after our long adventure, so lunch was homemade hamburgers (on the George Foreman) and sweet potato fries. Yum. 

After resting, refueling and showering, we headed back to the Olympic Trials for an afternoon of 100m, 100m hurdles, 1500m in the decathlon, etc. The weather was still a bit rainy, but much improved upon Friday. 

And to really bring out the SUNSHINE, Ashton Eaton (former Oregon Duck) set a new world record in the decathlon right there at Hayward Field. I tell ya, crazy things happen at this place. 

Just as my stomach was starting to rumble again, I stopped by the Chobani tent where they were giving out FREE Chobani in the flavor of your choice (my favorite is pineapple). 

Seriously, I love when companies I love are giving away their product for others to enjoy. They had 17 flavors available from plain to raspberry to blood orange.

As usual, all the Nike/Tracktown12 signage is impressive and not understated

After the award ceremony for the decathlon, we headed out for dinner at the Wild Duck with a few friends and called it a night. It's crazy to call this place home in the midst of such a big event that so many people come from all over the country to experience. 

Sunday included lots of driving and a bridal shower for a high school friend in Portland. I made it home in time for some couch time, dinner and a walk around the neighborhood with my two buddies.

It's a short week for us. We're heading down to California for my brother's wedding in just a few days!

Tonight's Track & Field Highlight: will be the men's and women's 5K and the women's steeplechase. We have friends in all of those events (Julia Lucas, Lauren Fleshman, Ian Dobson & Bridget Franek), so nerves will be flying high and lots of cheering will ensue from 5-7 pm!


missris said…
Wow that's so exciting that the trials are going on in your neck of the woods! I LOVE that kind of stuff and can't wait until the olympics!!
Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! I watched the trials on TV when I was in Seattle and really wished that I was in Eugene. I am looking forward to watching the 5K tonight. Should be a great race. :-)
Leigh said…
That looks like so much fun that you got to go and watch despite the rain! Haha my husband just bought a road bike, so he went to the other side too!
Wow, that is SO cool that you know people who are competing! I find the olympic trials incredibly exciting and I don't even KNOW the people personally!!

I watched Eaton's achieve that world record and was cheering in my condo alone. :) So exciting!

Have SO much fun at your brother's wedding!
So neat and unique that this is how you get to spend a Friday night! We were watching a few of the trials, too.

D has always talked about getting another mountain bike (that's how he got into the sport wayyy back in the day ;) ). There are actually a few good trails out here for it, but I imagine he'd want a few trips out West to really have fun...

Enjoy the short week - family weddings are the best!

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