Engagement BBQ & Hula Hoop Exhaustion

Whew! This weekend did me in. I woke up this morning feeling like I could sleep another few hours and that feeling never really went away.

Luckily, a beautiful sunrise shining into your window is more enticing than being greeted by rainy, windy weather. Definitely appreciating that this spring.

Friday afternoon kicked off with a pedicure (I left work a few hrs early) before continuing with errands.   My feet were in desperate need for some serious work. Kind of felt bad for the pedicurist. 

The manfriend spent ALL Friday doing cleaning and yard work. He spread a TON of bark in the yard and made things look about 1,000x better. No longer embarrassed of our front yard. 

Saturday was the engagement BBQ so I spent all morning running more errands - flowers from Trader Joe's, beer, meat and cheesecake at the grocery store, plants/flowers at the local home improvement store. 

It's amazing how, even with a small party, you can spend way more time and money, visit more stores and overanalyze things more than you ever should. 

Because I had so many errands and plenty of cleaning to do, I had to squeeze in my workouts where I could. No Saturday am yoga for this girl!

Instead, I busted out a 30 min heart pounding circuit (similar to Tina's Hooray for Honduras workout). A few hours later after doing some of my chores, I raced out on the bike for an hour of great riding along the river. 

And a few hours later, it was party time. 

The spread... 

To make things a bit easier on myself, I assigned people to bring things to contribute - salad/veggies from grams, beer/chairs/lawn game from the family, side dishes, a gas grill, etc. Seriously. Our charcoal grill would have taken FOREVER to make 20 or so burgers - Thank you, Lindsey and Sonny! 

Danielle brought these bacon maple cookies I mentioned to her from We Are Not Martha. They taste like Sunday morning breakfast in a cookie!


And before everyone left, I had to get a ring shot of Sabrina (my brother's fiance) and I together. I'm in their wedding at the end of June!

Crazy how time flies. I always said Kyle (who is 2 yrs younger) would get married before I did!

We had about 20 people, mostly family and a few local friends. With our small yard and deck, it seemed to be the perfect amount. As the hostess, it's always tough to try and talk with everyone, but it was worth it. The manfriend and I were both happy we decided to have a party.

Sunday was equally as exhausting, but involved even more exercise, sun, food and friends than the day before.

We capped the weekend at another BBQ where runners hula hooping and Elliptigo-ing (so fun!) were perfectly normal. This is Tracktown, USA after all.

How was your weekend?


Lindsey said…
We were happy to bring the BBQ! Thanks again for having us over. It was fun to meet your family and friends!

I totally want to try an elliptigo sometime. They look so fun!
It looks like you had so much fun! I love your deck!! And is that picture above the deck a sort of sun room? Looks beautiful. I am glad you got a chance to celebrate with family/friends. Hosting is tiring and expensive, isn't it? But SO worth it!

Hula hooping - that is awesome!
Gracie said…
The BBQ idea is a good one, more relaxed than a formal engagement party. And it looks like a delicious spread! I want to try those cookies now.
missris said…
This looks like a really fun party! I'm jealous of both the grills--we really want to get one for the summer as grilled food is sooo good!
Wow- what a great engagement party!!!! I love flowers from TJs and those bacon & maple cookies look amazing!
Mrs. C. said…
awww looks like a blast!
Having a party is always more work and expense than you anticipate! But so worth it! Those cookies look interesting! I will have to try that recipe soon.
Leigh said…
It looks like all of that running around was worth it for the party! I like that style of party where everyone contributes a little something. Makes it so much easier on the host! Your backyard looks great :)
ran a race. lots of sunshine. can't complain!
That looks like so much fun! We never did have an engagement party. Our family and friends are so spread out all over the province (and country, and continent. Ha!) and we just never got around to planning one. Love the ring shot with your brothers fiance too!! There were two other engaged girls at my bachelorette on Saturday and we tried to get a ring shot at the end of the night but by that point we were all pretty "done" and it turned out super blurry! Boo!
Hosting people at your house/backyard is so much work, but always so much more fun than going out to a venue (imo)! Plus, seems like more of your style :)

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