Roller Coaster

Today has been one roller coaster of emotions. Some days are just even steven and others are...not. Jump on and I'll share the ride.

I know we all have these kind of days so I'm just keepin' it real. 

6 am I was up and at 'em to get in a run. As much as I like meeting the running group at the painful hour of 5 am, running by myself is pretty rewarding too.

Sun, blue sky, a perfect morning for a run. 

I could run out here forever...if it weren't for that pesky work thing. 

 Dear sun, I love you. Please don't leave. Ever.




I'm doing the right thing. Go me!

But how the hell AM I going to do it ALL?! At once?! Why didn't I figure my life out sooner?

Time to get my workout on (again). This time at Lifeforce Fitness.

I hope we get our asses kicked tonight. Yup, we did...sprints, circuits, burpees.

Compare. Compare. Compare. She is stronger, faster, more fit, sure of herself. 

Stop doing that! Don't compare yourself to anyone. You are great as you are. 

Compare. STOP! Compare. Tired of comparing. Tired of always feeling like everyone else is sure of themselves and not finding the same sureness within.

Just plain tired. Very very lucky, but tired. 


Ug. Those days are hard. I hope tomorrow is better for you!
Oh, I can so relate to this post - especially the tired part. I am in go go go mode right now. It's like I am a spinning top and if I slow down for a change, I might just topple over. And when I did run club last night, I could not hold the pace I wanted to hold for our 5 miles tempo run. And everyone else seemed to be effortlessly holding their pace. And I watched them and let that make me feel more bad about myself. Which I really DON'T need right now! But I did reason with myself in the cool down and remind myself that those in front of me go to every workout, and I only do one of the workouts during the week because of CFA studying. So of course they are in better shape than me.

I hope today is more kind to both of us!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I hate how work gets in the way of running. Work is so overrated! When I am tired or just feeling blah and really don't want to run/workout I just keep telling myself that the run/workout will make me stronger. Usually within a couple of minutes I start to feel better and then I don't want to stop. I really didn't want to lift on Tuesday and then before I knew it, I had been at the gym for over an hour. Loved it!
missris said…
I always play the "compare game" at the gym and I hate it. I know how you feel!
Amber said…
My emotions and feelings and actions have been SO up and down lately. I have had a really go-go-go month and this weekend is the only weekend I have "off" between now and the middle of June and then I will be crazy with wedding stuff so I really want to relax and do almost nothing this weekend!
Kevin said…
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