Beer Mile

First, I have to burst your bubble by saying that neither I or the manfriend participated in this "race." However, it was quite an event to witness. I've heard of the race before, but this time was my first time spectating a beer mile. 

We brought our health food candy to the track and waited as the runners and their 5% + beer rolled in. 

Swinging the legs was necessary warm up. I mean, we all swing our legs before a big race, right?

Beers were lined up and rules were discussed. Most people brought light(ish) beers in cans, but one brave soul brought bottles of porter - whew!

Soon enough, they were off. Rules: 4 x (chug 1 beer, toss in trash bucket, run 1 lap). Beers cannot be opened before the race as to maintain carbonation.

Throwing up would cost participants an additional lap. No one yacked until after the race, luckily. 
The guy in yellow ended up winning with a time of 7:30. Superman came in 2nd.

By the third and fourth beers, runners were taking the chugging thing more lightly and going with the sipping style. 

While I can't say it's something I plan on doing in the near future, it sure was a blast to watch. No one got hurt, no one took it too seriously and everyone was smiling at the end.

Caesar me! 

Friday night, the manfriend was out having fun with the guys so I was on my own for dinner. After some fro yo and a quick stop at the mall, I knew I wanted something fairly light for dinner. 

After seeing this on Ali's blog recently, I knew I wanted to make my own version of a caesar salad. 

I grilled a small piece of chicken on the George Foreman, cut up green leaf lettuce, shredded the parmesan and drizzled some Trader Joe's creamy balsamic on top with a little cracked pepper. And a few Kashi multigrain crackers on the side to finish 'er off. 

This is definitely a keeper for nights you want a satisfying dinner on the lighter side. 

Well, I hope your weekend is ending with a smile. I got in a great bike ride, an awesome yoga class (attempted grasshopper for the first time) and went running. An attempt to buy a commuter bike was also made, but my indecisiveness kicked in. 


Lindsey said…
Oh no... I was hoping you were able to find a bike this weekend!

That run looks like fun to watch, but there is no way I would be able to do it.

I liked the yoga class a lot yesterday. I think it's fun to work towards one pose for the entire class. And it was nice that she showed us the pose at the beginning so we knew what to expect.
Yum, I love caesar salads. One of my fave kinds of salads! Sounds like a fun weekend. I would have opted to spectate the beer run as well. I am impressed someone ran it in 7:30! Wow!

My weekend was good. Lots of studying, 2 runs, and a lunch with family. All in all, a good weekend!
missris said…
Oh god I could not have participated in that race, no way. Looks like it was pretty fun to watch though!
Gracie said…
Still haven't done a beer mile - I doubt I could finish! This weekend my running group did a barathon - 6 miles, SIX beers! The leaders were running low '40's!
I am not even good at drinking WITHOUT running. Whew.

Also, how did the grasshopper go? That looks really, really hard!
I HATE beer so I don't think I would make it through a beer mile. Lol!!

Caesar salad is definitely my favourite kind of salad :)
Beer miles are VERY fun to watch! I have never participated in one though. :-)
raulgonemobile said…
Wow, that looks like a really really fun time. I'll have to send a note to our local running club to see if they'll sponsor this. hehe
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