These Legs Saw the Sun

Hey Friday so nice to see you! Here are my first two photos from #FebPhotoaDay:

My view (on the way to work)...


This week, I'm feeling good just to get in my workouts and some decent sleep considering there's a lot of work occupying my mind. Plus, I know that three days next week I might not have a spare 30 min to exercise so I'm making sure to fit it in this week.

Exercise > Stress

I even squeezed in a lunchtime run on Wednesday and it felt glorious. The days I think "I don't have time for this," are often the ones I need a short run or walk the most, with fresh air on my face and sun on my skin.

My legs even saw the light of day, even if it was only 40 something degrees out. It felt warm with the sun shining.

In addition to the general greatness that is Friday, I'm looking forward to date night! The manfriend and I are going to a movie tonight. Still undecided on which one... Any suggestions?

Tomorrow morning I'm doing a long trail run with friends and then tomorrow night, we have dinner plans with my family for my mom's birthday. Busy, but fun weekend ahead and I'm ready for it.

Fashion Friday

While I didn't think this was necessarily the greatest outfit, I thought I'd show you it because it was a bit of a risk for me. But it was a Friday so I figured a jean skirt with my Frye's and a cardigan would be okay.

I did decide after wearing this though that the skirt is just too big and I don't like it's high waisted cut so I'm going to donate it and find one that fits better.

Do you ever take fashion risks? I tend to play it safe in a lot of areas in my life so I figure it can't hurt to push myself once in a while.

What are you making for Super Bowl Sunday? I'm not sure, but you better believe I'll be making some sort of dip or munchie (seven layer dip, healthed up artichoke dip, caramelized onion dip, etc).


Leigh said…
Hope you and manfriend have a great date night tonight! I think your outfit looks great :)

Have a great weekend Lauren!
Linz said…
I've been wanting a date night to see The Descendants. Friends told me it was great. So We Bought A Zoo = way too sad, they say!

I rarely take fashion risks, but when I do they inevitably involve skirts and/or boots. I always end up feeling a little uncomfortable, but then I realize that I'm being too critical and that I probably look fine. Fashion risks are fun, and yours looks great.

I'm sure I'll be dragged into a superbowl party, and E is usually called upon by our friends to make his famous guacamole. You'll hear no complaints from me!
I LOVE your outfit! So so cute! Love your frye boots too!

I wish I'd participated in Feb photo of the day. If there is a March one I will definitely do it and use the photos for my 365 project. I'm running out of idea's of things to take photos of anyways ;)
Amber - you could still participate! It's only a few days in. Plus, I think it's fun to have a theme/idea of to try to photograph each day.

Linz - Any guac is good to me! One of my favorite types of dips. Mmm...
jen said…
So sunny!! I am determined to wear shorts this weekend on one run. I love it!

I'm making chili this weekend. Well, probably my husband is making it. I should make some kind of veggies and dip to go with it.

You look adorable! I like the skirt.
I love the belted sweater look!
Ricole said…
I love that sweater you're wearing! So cute! Yay for the weekend, Sounds like you have a fun one planned!
You look adorbs in that outfit!

I rarely, if ever, take fashion risks. I am just not bold enough!

And for superbowl, I am not making anything... I'll attend a party (which is a work event) at a bar in Charlotte...

Enjoy date night! I can't even tell you any movie that is in theaters right now. I am SO out of touch!
Lindsey said…
This weather is crazy! It's been so nice to run in shorts. Have a fun date night!

Your outfit is cute. I'm so bad with fashion, so I don't take fashion risks very often. Unless a friend puts a cute outfit together for me.
Anonymous said…
I can't make myself run in shorts unless it's over 50 degrees! ha! I'm making meatballs in a jelly sauce for my appetizer to bring to the Super Bowl watch party. Oh, and I never take fashion risks - LOL!
Anonymous said…
nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? my fashion motto, at least
J said…
Cute outfit - I try to wear different and new things to work and sometimes the guys make fun of me because I am the only girl in the group.

I have no idea what I am making for the super bowl - we are going to a party but I still need come up with something to bring!
The outfit is cute! I've never been able to pull off the waist-belt thing, always looks a little off...

Lunchtime runs actually seem pretty genius this time of year - warmest part of the day, sunny, and a nice break from work :)
Super cute Friday outfit! Don't you love how Fryes magically pull everything together?

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