Favorite City

Hard to imagine that it's already Monday...

Alas, we had a great time with Kristin visiting from Nashville. We indulged in plenty of satisfying food, tasty drinks, some good sweat and laughter. The last time she was here was November 2010.

We lucked out with beautiful weather Thursday morning and I was able to take the morning off work so we opted to conquer Spencer's Butte with a little hike. 

Almost there...

Two miles later, we reached the top and were standing above some of the clouds. 

As I said, it was a beautiful morning. We could have stayed up there for hours.

I think Jonah Bell enjoyed it just a little bit...

After our descent, we headed to Vero (an adorable espresso house) for caffeine and fuel. Kristin had an egg, bacon and tomato sandwich. 

And I had a berry scone. Worth every ounce of butter in that thing. 

Last night, we capped off her visit with a trip to Le Bar for fancy drinks and laughter. We talked about our favorite cities (if we could choose one to move to) and why we like ours (Eugene/Nashville). 

The pros for Eugene: big enough that you don't know everyone, but small enough that the commute is always quick, accessibility to outdoors and athletic activities is abundant and easy, mild weather, organic/healthy food easily available.

The pros for Nashville: climate (warm most of the year), community feel, the emphasis on shopping local/supporting your neighborhood, culture & music. 

It was a great weekend! Kristin's visit reminded me how important it is to stay in touch with good friends and make the effort. This girl is about to graduate with her masters in education policy from Vanderbilt. Holy impressive.

What is your favorite city and why? What are the pros/cons of your current city?


Leigh said…
Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I loved Victoria and San Fran...both have lots going on, nice-ish weather year around and gorgeous views! The pros to my city would be the proximity to the mountains (less than an hour!) and the cons would be that it gets mighty cold!
Looks like such a fun weekend! Girl time like that is so important and awesome. :) And your drinks in that last pic look yummy!

My favorite city is Paris, but that's no surprise, I'm sure. I love the history and the feel of the city. I love that it seems like every street holds some beauty. And I love the French approach life. Also, they do not get bitterly cold winters!

But I know I will never live there, so my fave city to live in is actually Minneapolis. It's a beautiful city with lots of great running/biking trails. I get all 4 seasons (although I could do with a bit less winter, unless every winter was like this one has been).
That hike is absolutely beautiful! You really do look like you are in the clouds!

I love so many cities- I studied abroad in Sydney and I was a huge fan of that city, it was so beautiful on the water, and it had a big city feel but it was still clean and had very friendly people which doesn't always happen in a big city. I live near Boston, so thats probably my top favorite city- I love all the history, how you can walk around most of it, and how I always find more and more great things to do here. I like almost all cities for one reason or another though! I can't wait to see Seattle and Vancouver this summer!
Anonymous said…

Pros - everything is here! And the best of everything! Always something to do. Awesome food. Awesome coffee. So many opportunities.

Cons - expensive, live in tiny spaces, pay a lot for tiny spaces, hard to run errands bc you have to carry everything, public transportation can sometimes suck, not as much nature-y stuff

Excited to Eugene when I'm out there in April!
Can't say I've been to enough "big" cities to claim a favorite - plus I haven't been to Europe yet, so I'm holding out ;)

But, my city (DC) has a lot of things that I really love - miles and miles of various running/hiking trails + easy access to the Appalachian mountains, historic sites that I love to tour, accessible farmers markets and restaurants that support the "local" movement, diversity, free museums, and it's big enough to feel like a city, but small enough to feel easy to navigate!

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