Morning Sweat

A few weeks ago, this week started getting jam packed - volunteering at Food for Lane County (local food bank) on Monday night, manfriend's company holiday party, work event in Portland, drinks with a friend, etc. This left ONE night to do my normal evening exercise.

Being the adult that I am, I scheduled morning workouts for myself this entire week. So, what happened?

Monday - a.m. strength workout (Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones dvd - 30 min), lunchtime run (6 miles)

Tuesday - a.m. yoga, lunchtime walk, short p.m. gym session (arc trainer, bike, back/abs/pushups)

Wednesday - a.m. fog run (7 miles), lunch walk (3 miles) It was 27 degrees when I headed out for my run yesterday morning and 33 deg. at lunch. Brrr!

Thursday - a.m. SPEED workout Our speed coaches email the workout the night before, so I checked my phone this morning before heading out. The workout: 1 mile warm up, 1 mile at tempo pace, 4 x 400m at 5K pace, 2 min easy, 4 x 400m at 5K pace, 1.4 mile cool. Just like that, I had cranked out 6.4 miles before the sunrise!

Friday -  a.m. or lunchtime cross training/strength

Getting up early isn't exactly my favorite thing in the world, but I know that once I'm up and sweating, I'll be much happier. It's amazing how the body adjusts to a habit after just a few days of change.

What's your prime workout time? I find that my morning runs aren't always as fast, but I appreciate them sometimes more than the later ones because they free up my evenings!

With these cold mornings, I've found that hot foods sound much more appealing than they have for quite a while. Twice this week I've made hot pumpkin oats w/ a little molasses, cinnamon, banana and nut butter mixed in. Mmm...


I usually prefer to workout in the mornings but this week I've been dropping the ball big time since I haven't been feeling well.

I am joining a running group to train for my marathon that runs in the evenings twice a week though so that's going to be a big adjustment for me. I ran with them last night and then my stomach felt kind of off all night because I don't think I ate enough BEFORE the run. Going to have to figure something out there.

GREAT job getting your morning sweat on this week! That is impressive!
Leigh said…
I am definitely not a morning person, so working out early is hard for me. Which is why it never happens, haha. I usually work out at lunch, after work or later evening to get it in.

Good for you for getting all of that into your already busy schedule! :)
Daang girl - you really know how to pack it all in!

We've been suffering through the much colder mornings here, too - not as fun! Hah. It was much easier to get up n' go when we knew it'd be sunny & warmer half-way through the miles. But alas, the runs get done and I'm a much happier gal for it.
I prefer to working out in the evening, but i do end up working out in the morning a couple of days a week (well, not lately because of being sick).

Nice work fitting all those workouts in!!
Lindsey said…
Morning is my favorite time to workout. I tend to lose motivation as the day goes on. However, getting up at 4:30 multiple mornings a week gets tough! Nice job getting lots of morning workouts done this week!
Anonymous said…
I am terrible morning runner. I guess I'd have to stick with it to get used to it, but I typically feel sluggish and under-caffeinated! I run best around 10-12 in the am or 3-5 in the afternoon, which isn't possible most of the time!
J said…
Obviously I love the mornings, but five mornings a week is tough for me to do! Its just hard to get up early every day of the week! i think I love to do easy morning runs but prefer afternoon/evening speed sessions because I am more warmed up. BUT they say doing the speed stuff in the mornings is good for you so I like to mix it up!

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