It Comes Just Once a Year

As magical as Christmas time is for me, I have to say, I'm thankful it comes just once a year because I am wiped. I'm sure I wasn't the only one today staring zombie like at my work computer.

While I love the selecting of gifts, Christmas carols, twinkling lights, wrapping presents, baking cookies and seeing family, it all reaches to the point where it's simply time to move on. After four days of relaxing, laughing, family time, presents and eating too much junk, I'm thankful for a heaping salad and some quiet time.

The holidays have become something that while joyous, are also stressful and overwhelming for me.

I found myself reflective as I drove home last night (with the dog passed out in the back seat) about it all. These presents are appreciated (but not needed), the giving feels good (but never as much as I'd like), family bonding is fun (but there's never enough time to have all the conversations you'd like), the cookies, booze and cheese are delicious (but not 5 lbs delicious).

But amidst it all, the chaos has me feeling thankful for everything and everyone in my life. These rare occasions to see family and relax a little make me appreciate my family and this life a whole lot more. While the manfriend and I were not together on Christmas, I also felt grateful for his presence in my life.

Spending time with family and friends means so much more than any gift under the tree. It's amazing to look back on my ten year old self who might have been disappointed if I hadn't received one item on my Christmas list. With time and some perspective brings us the realization that each other is all we really need. 

The holidays are definitely more joyful than they are exhausting, but in 2012 I hope to look at ways of making the season just a bit more simplified, yet equally satisfying for me.

And finally, a few baby pics because babies make everything happier, more stress free and fun.

Mikaela is my cousin's six month old who happily babbled at us and entertained herself all of Christmas morning.

Do you crash hard after the holiday season? Or do you pace yourself well and find a good balance among the busyness? 


This holiday season started off super busy for me, but then the week leading up to Christmas was very quiet, which was just what I needed. And the celebration itself was also pretty low key so I didn't get that feeling of exhaustion that I usually do - although it definitely helped that I was able to sleep in until 8 each day! And having Monday off helped as well.

I could honestly go without gifts. My parents will probably never agree to this, but I don't really get excited for the gifts like I used to. It's more so about the time spent with family, like you said!

I am glad you had a great holiday! I bet you can't wait for Manfriend to get back!!!!!
I love that first picture of you!

Gift giving is fun, but I agree with Lisa, the time with family is what's most important to me. Especially the last three years since I've been living so far away!
That baby is precious! :) I definitely crashed after the weekend + airport drop-off. I'm with ya, girl - Such a fun season, and so great to have a time set aside every year that everyone just gets together...but luckily it only comes once!

Trying to get back on track this week...hah.

Happy holidays!

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