Guessing Game

Can you name this squash/pumpkin? My mom gave it to me last week and I've never had one of these. 

Manfriend pretending to rip it apart with his bare hands. ;)

It looks like a pumpkin AND a squash. It has the seeds of a pumpkin, but it tastes like a squash. Quite the conundrum. I could look it up, but it's more fun to have you guys tell me what it is! 

After the manfriend cut it in half, I cut it into smaller pieces and roasted it at 400 deg. for about 40 min with olive oil, sea salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. It tastes good! I'll probably end up mixing it into a chili or soup. 

On another note, I just replaced my beloved Brooks Adrenalines with a new pair. Once you find a shoe you love, it's hard to switch it up. 

Over the last few weeks, I could tell my pair from just before the Victoria Marathon was nearly shot. I was trying to hold out until January and make do with the old ones and another pair of old New Balances, but I just couldn't. 

When I wear shoes that are too old, flat or narrow, my feet start hurting (my bunions start flaring up) and my knees twinge a little here and there. Well, those damn bunions showed their ugly face this weekend and I said ENOUGH! 

Sure, I'm $100 poorer, but good kicks are important when running is something you LOVE.  Now days, I end up replacing my shoes just about every three months - ugh. 

It's amazing how cushiony the new shoes feel each time you lace them up. Now if only they could stay comfy and clean forever!

How often do you replace your running/workout shoes? Do you replace them based on months, miles, feel, body aches? 

P.S. I don't recommend wearing Vibrams in 20 degree weather. I tried that this week on a walk with the dog and came back to the house nearly in tears. Toes. hurt. SO. bad.


missris said…
I replace my shoes based on mileage, and usually do about 400-500 miles before I get new ones. I just replaced a pair and it was shocking to feel how much more cushiony they are than the old, squashed down ones!
Lindsey said…
I think it's a carnival squash. We accidentally grew a bunch of those a couple years ago instead of acorn squash. That sounds good to roast it with cinnamon and nutmeg.

I usually replace shoes based on feel. I'm too lazy to keep track of miles. I love the feeling of new cushiony running shoes!
Haha I haven't worn my vibrams since October :( I miss it! I loved going for little 1-2 mile trail runs with Chloe in them!

I replace my shoes about every 4-5 months? I just got some at the end of August in Minneapolis and I have a new pair sitting in my closet that I'm going to start wearing at the beginning of January when I start marathon training. I can usually get about 400-500 miles out of one pair of shoes!
I go through about 2-3 pairs/year, depending on what I am training for as that dictates my mileage!

I have never seen a squash like that before! Interesting! I LOVE squash!!
J said…
Usually I rotate my shoes until they have about 500 miles, or they start making my knees hurt. Then I move them to my outside/working shoes.

And I have no idea what the name of that squash is even though I have seen it before!
Lindsey - I think you're right. It is a carnival squash according to pics on google! Thanks.
Raquelita said…
I didn't know what kind of squash it was until I did some internet research. I have never had a carnival squash, but it looks delicious!
Liz said…
Definitely a carnival squash!

I used to only have to replace my running shoes twice a year! Then, marathon training changed that to 3 times, and I think soon I'll be approaching 4 pairs per year. Guess that means I'm training more, which is good :)
mom said…
glad you liked it!
mom said…
glad you liked it!
Looks like some sort of hybrid with an Acorn squash...??? I'm at a loss, too! No idea. :)

I get new shoes every 3-5 months, depending entirely on whether or not I'm training for something, or deciding that I'd rather do yoga most of the time, ha.
Jen said…
Aw, we have matching running shoes now! I have the same ones in the same color! Loving them so far -- only have about 100 miles on them.

I used to change my sneakers every year when I was working out almost daily, but now that I'm just using my shoes for running, I'll probably go with the recommended mileage and think about replacing them when they near 400 miles. I'm not very tough on my shoes; my 5-year-old Nikes look almost brand new!

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