You Know How I Love Weddings

Well, being a part of Jolyn and Aaron's wedding was gorgeous and a lot of fun. You can bet that I had one of my two cameras in my hand about 90% of the time to capture every moment.

Friday, Terra (Jolyn's little sis), Jolyn, their mom and I went to get pedicures. Then it was off to do a few last minute errands before the rehearsal!

The wedding location was beautiful! A couple rents out their beautifully landscaped property (and renovated shop) for weddings. Elsie (the groom's daughter) was an adorable flower girl.

Terra and her son, Liam. He was seriously the best baby - no crying or fussing the entire weekend!

The morning of the wedding, Jolyn and I drove to get some of the flowers for the wedding. Then we were off to the salon for Jolyn and Elsie's updos.

The bouquets turned out beautifully as was Jolyn. Surprisingly, the whole day went smoothly and we were on time for everything! I expected that with all I've heard about wedding day chaos, surely something would make things stressful, but Jolyn's mom and a whole team of parents had the planning and prep under control.

Before we knew it, the hard part was over, Jolyn and Aaron were hitched and we were on to the reception!

It was mandatory that we take a high school group photo since our group has stayed close for so long.

And look who I found hanging around among the other guests!
He's a cutie. I might just keep him.

Congratulations, Jolyn and Aaron!

The stand out of Jolyn's wedding besides her dress? The cake, hands down. They had a variety of flavors: hazelnut chocolate, peppermint chocolate, strawberry champagne and lemon poppy seed. I tried 3 of the 4 and they were all moist and deeeelicious! Ah, I love weddings.


I love weddings, too! You looked great in your bridesmaid dress! And the man friend looks awfully handsome, too!

Sounds like a beautiful event! That is awesome that they had so many different kinds of cake!
J said…
What a cute wedding! I love your dress! It is the perfect color!
Beautiful wedding! That is so awesome you are still so close with all your high school friends!!
So fun, and beautiful!! Looks like the perfect summer day for the festivities, too :)
Raquelita said…
It looks like a gorgeous wedding and holy moly do those cake flavors sound good!!

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