A leggy adventure

Yesterday, it was sunny and in the 70s so I dressed the legs. From all this running and cycling, they sure better be dress worthy.
The dress is actually my college graduation dress. I probably weighed 15-20lbs heavier when I bought it than I do now. It definitely fits me better now. My photographer had already left for work so I apologize for the sub par photos.

I love the diagonal stripes on the bottom half of this dress and the twisting at the bust.

Jean Jacket: Old Navy
Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT
Sandals: Bandolino

And for another leggy adventure, check out lizzy punch's adorable skirt and fabulous legs in her dress your best post. Confession: I really wanted to wear this skirt this week because it's poofy and has pockets, but I just couldn't seem to get creative with the thing. Perhaps another day.

Okay, I'm off to take the pooch for a little run because she keeps sighing at me and it's not even 7am. Then it's on to a 38 or so mile bike ride. Gotta keep these legs in order!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and thanks again to the academichics for putting on a great challenge. I can't say I did an outstanding job, but it definitely got me thinking about how I dress my bod and the kinds of nice things I should try to say to it more often.


Liz said…
Thanks for mentioning me :)
I love the stripes too and with that jacket it looks so summery!
Linz said…
Nice Stems! :-) And super cute dress - I wish it would warm up here so I can start wearing skirts and sandals. And running in the sun, of course.

The ST30 challenge is already passing me by...but it's sure an inspiration and I know it helps the long runs feel better.
Run Jess Run said…
That dress is super cute!!
I love it, so summery! The shoes a re acute choice.
Love that dress. The diagonal stripes are great.

If I could wear a dress every day, I totally would!!
You're hot! I love that dress!

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