It's not easy letting someone go.

I've always been pretty terrible at saying goodbye. Whether it was elementary school when my best friend Angela moved away. high school when we were all heading off to different colleges, or present day when K leaves Eugene for the honky tonks of Nashville.

Flashback to the night before my first of my high school friends headed off to college. I stood in the streets of our small town balling my eyes out, finding gasps for breaths as we hugged goodbye. Even though I knew I'd see these friends on holiday breaks and summers, it wasn't enough. You could say this girl is not good at goodbyes.

I was the only person in Society in Nature (senior rite of passage, outdoor-focused class) who absolutely was not ready to leave high school. I mean maturity wise, I was ready, but emotionally, I did NOT want to part with these people...some of whom I'd known since I was five. Give me a break.

Well today, I'm 27. And I don't want her to leave town, but I know she has to. Sometimes it hurts so much you just don't know where to channel that energy. We had a party to pillage through her stuff on Sunday and take what we wished. Part of me wanted to grab stuff because it reminded me of her. Part of me wants to convince her to stay. But alas, Vanderbilt is calling her name!

K, I'll miss you immensely. Thank you for the last three awesome years of friendship.

Tonight, we'll have her going away party. I wouldn't be surprised if I don't make it through the night with dry eyes. This is not easy, people. Wish me luck.


It is so hard to say good bye to people! I am not very good at it, either. I cry pretty easily so have had many tearful good byes! I hope you are able to have fun tonight at the party despite being sad that your friend is moving!!
When I said goodbye to my good friend Danielle a few weeks ago it was SO HARD. I cried a lot and was really down for several days. I was the friend that took her to the airport and it was really hard to hold it together when we hugged before she went through security.

I think this is just one of those things that no matter how often you do it, it'll NEVER get easier! I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend tonight despite the fact that you're hurting! XO
Aw, I'm sorry! Growing up with a military dad I had to say good bye to SO MANY friends. Oddly, it was always me who moved, never my friends!
D said…
Love your photo montage! I'm missing K already. . .

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