Is your city one of the fittest?

I was not surprised to see that the "Fattest" cities in this article were dominated by the south. I mostly blame it on the southern cooking and lifestyle. I'm not sure, but just guessing. That being said, everyone has a choice as to how they maintain their bodies and I know there are plenty of healthy people in some of these cities.

I was however, pleasantly surprised to see that many of the cities I have visited and love, are in the fittest!

I've been to five of the ten and would have to agree. Maybe that's why I've always been drawn to these places? Not necessarily just their beauty and wealth of activities available, but that people are so active. I guess when you have a lot of opportunities, mountains, rivers, bike paths, etc at your finger tips, it's harder to neglect activity.

Why did you choose the city you live in? I've pretty much lived within 45 min of home for my entire life so it's a bit harder to say I chose this place, but if I do ever leave Tracktown, USA, I have dreams of venturing to...the mountains of Colorado, Portland, San Fran or North Carolina.


The twin cities are 87/88 on unhealthiest & get a B+. Can't say I am too surprised by this... We do have quite a few parks/running trails, but def our share of overweight ppl...

I chose Minneapolis because of it's close proximity to parents. But if I could move anywhere, I would choose Chicago or Denver most likely... or maybe Portland, depending on how much I like it when I visit this fall. Although I am pretty sure I will love it!
David H. said…
As a southerner, I disagree about the "southern cooking" that you mention. Anything cooked at home is considerably better for you. However, it seems to me that people around where I live just have no self control. If they simply ate less and didn't treat outings with the family as a buffet every Sunday, it wouldn't be nearly as bad. Another problem southerns tend to have is bread with every meal ... bread, bread and more bread.
Sassy Molassy said…
Thanks for the feedback David. Self control is definitely harder (imo) when you're with a bunch of people (family gathering, party, etc) bc you see others eating so even if you're full, your brain says "it's okay to have another handful of chips, another round of pasta salad, etc."
Well I'm happy to see that two of "my" cities are up there on that list - and my next destination is too! :) I definitely think that is a lot of what draws me to places. I knew, before living here, that DC was a very "active" place - our Mayor runs tons of local races and is speeeedy! They have events left and ride for cyclists, runners, etc. :) Outdoor options would be something that lead me to vacation spots, too. Which is a big draw for an Oregon vacation sometime! heh
Sassy Molassy said…
Heather, what is this next destination you speak of??!
legalstyle said…
yeahhhhh san francisco!! very cool.
Runner Leana said…
One of the things that attracted me to Calgary was how active people here are. I was living in Texas before this and Calgary was such a change! There are pathways everywhere for running and for cycling into downtown. There were economic reasons for living in Calgary too, but I don't think I would have gotten into triathlon if I wasn't here!

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