Garmin, we need to have a little chat.

Tonight the Garmin 305 and I were at odds. EVERY time I looked down the Garmin read anywhere from an 8:30-10:30 pace when I was clearly running neary throw up pace (7:30-7:45 ish). Not okay.

Luckily, I can do math and just did a little subtraction to figure out my mile splits...a bit tough when running tempo pace, but doable. Perhaps I should attempt downloading that software update again. It's one thing when the G can't read splits under trees and clouds, but another thing when you're on a wide open trail.

The workout:
1 mi warm up
2 mi tempo (7:44, 7:30)
2 min rest
2 mi tempo (7:45, 7: 26)
1.6 mi cool down

When I got home, the Garmin read 52:33 of running. I decided I wanted it to read 1 full hour so I set off at a steady clip for one more mile around the neighborhood.

All in all, 7.6 mi down in 1 hr (w/ breaks obviously). It's nice to get that kind of mileage in on a week night w/ friends (and in the sun to boot)! After this morning's complaining, today turned out to be a beautiful day. I even got to enjoy it a bit as I was out and about most of the day for meetings. Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 70! Yowzas, I like those numbers.

In other news, my copy of The Ultimate Runner showed up on the door step today. I'm looking forward to reviewing it for you! This is a book brought to you by the Runner's Lounge gurus with help from a wide range of runners with advice and stories to tell from around the world.


legalstyle said…
great run! we all have those moments when we think our garmin is lying - when they just cannot be 10:00 miles, but yes, they truly are.
That is super annoying. Lately I have looked down at my Garmin & thought - is is possible I am maintaining this pace? And it has actually been right which stuns me! In a good way.

The weather has been horrible here lately. But I'm glad it's nice where you are! We are getting a dusting of snow tonight. Hello Mother Nature, it's May. Wtf?

Can't wait to hear what you think of that book!
Sassy Molassy said…
Snow - in May?! Ugh. I'm definitely ready to give the cold weather a boot! And congrats on being speedier lately. It's always exciting to see that shift.
Ugh, those Garmins just don't behave sometimes. Which is pretty frustrating, considering what they cost ;) I have mine set so it *only* displays splits, total time and distance. I can't stand constantly checking it for my pace at that exact moment - and it's not usually very accurate anyway.

Hope the book is good!! I read about it on their site, seems pretty interesting :)

have a good weekend and enjoy the warmth!

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