Far too tired and exercising serious restraint

It's true, I'm far too tired for blogging. It's to the point where my head hurts...but then again, maybe that's the sickness talking. Either way, I managed to force myself NOT to workout for a second day in a row, although I did go to work today.

Well, if you don't count a few little yoga sessions, a 30 min bike ride and a few walks. But, seriously, I had to restrain myself from heading off to the gym after work. I'm weird like that. Instead, I drove directly to our local take-n-bake pizza joint and picked up a delite (thin crust and light on the cheese) pizza for the manfriend and I.

I drove home, baked it and we watched The Princess and the Frog and we liked it. Yes, apparently I'm five. And apparently my Netflix queue is empty so I need your help again, blends (recently learned that stands for blog + friends). Whatcha got for me?

Okay, it's officially time for me to face plant into bed. Night!


Did you see Sherlock Holmes? I've read all the books. which usually = hate the movie, but it wasn't bad taken at face value.
Get well!
Feel better soon!

Hmm, movie recommendation... Have you seen Sunrise or Sunset? Those are great. They are independent films so are a little different, but I love them. I actually should buy them.

I am so behind on my netflix queue. I think I've had the same discs for over a month...

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