Dressing your best?

In an attempt to dress my best, this morning I played to some of my positive attributes. Things like...my ankles, blue eyes and freckles.

The goal here is that those of us bloggers who signed up for the challenge are attempting to dress our bodies to compliment our assets rather than try to hide parts we don't love (ahem-thighs, upper arms, love handles).

Because it was rainy out (and the weekend went by far to fast) and I didn't have any meetings today, I selected my Ann Taylor LOFT modern skinnies, Nicole flats via DSW and my favorite BR sweater.

While you can't see my ankles, I feel like the skinny jean just makes the ankle look so cute. And these flats, no matter how terrible for my feet, are just fabulous.

This is what you call "the best I can do without a tri pod or personal photographer at home."

Sometimes you don't make it in the shot...

As I was leaving the house, I realized I needed a little something more an grabbed my blue pashima to really make the eyes (and freckles) pop.

Over the years, my freckles have seem to become more abundant and pronounced. While some people try to cover them up, I say, let the freckles shine!

Just be sure to wear your sunscreen. My product of choice is Dove's spf 15 Deep Facial Moisturizer.

And I just want to know, is there anything cuter than a completely exhausted, but just barely awake pup? I think not.

Well, it's bed time here. I'm going to try to come up with a few more outfits this week that play up my assets. It's actually a little more fun getting dressed when you think about it that way. And, not gonna lie, a little healthier on the mind and spirit.

As I was heading out the door, all this body focus got me wondering what weight I was at. I hadn't stepped on the scale in MONTHS. Manfriend checks his weight daily. It's always a game because one day he'll be up a few pounds and the next, after a hard ride, he's down 7lbs.

Contrary to my hopes, I was at the same ole weight as usual. I guess I know that it's pretty healthy, especially if I'm not going to live on salads all the time or avoid sweets. That extra five will always be hanging around. Sometimes, you just gotta let it go...or be happy you have cute ankles and bright blue eyes to distract onlookers from your less favorite areas.

How do you deal with body talk (negative or positive)?


Anonymous said…
i loved this post! your eyes are gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
that's such a fun challenge! fabulous outfit :) The added blue touch definitely brought out the eyes - I'm a freckled chick too, never try to hide them because they come out anyway ;)
You do have the best eyes & freckles! I like your freckles, but I don't care for mine because mines are not small little dots, they get to be huge smudges in the summer... but I know I can't mask them so I just roll with them and try not to obsess over them too much...

I think it's great to dress to your strengths. For me, my legs are my strength - especially my calves since they are so toned from running. So I wear dresses & skirts as much as I can! Unfortunately it has been too rainy & cold to do that lately... So I feel very ho-hum about my outfits this week. But I just packed for my Tucson trip last night & can't wait to break out the skirts, dresses, and tanks!
I just bought those Ann Taylor skinnies precisely because I thought they showed off my ankles! I adore what the blue scarf does for your freckles, too. I used to dream up ways to get rid of my freckles, but now I, too, have grown to love them. What great way to dress your best(s)!
Fer said…
i think freckles are very charming! I used to love it when I got some (very few, actually) from sunbathing when I was a teenager. unfortunately I don't get them anymore as an adult :(

and your dog? lovely!!!!
Run Jess Run said…
LOVE those shoes!!

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