Busy Busy Bee

This has been a busy week around here...planning a going away party, running, fitting in yoga, biking to work, getting ready for a busy Friday AND Saturday of work meetings and events and simply trying to not get stressed about it all.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 for no real reason. While I would have liked another hour to sleep, the body was not allowing it. I hopped up and did some reading. Yes, you heard that right...I finally got my butt in gear and am reading a book from my bookshelf.

The book: A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve

I like Shreve's writing. Her words are calming and make reading a relaxing activity as it should be. This story takes place in the mountains of New England in a bed and breakfast where a group of old high school friends are reuniting for a wedding. Doesn't that sound quaint?

After a chapter or so, I rushed out the door with Jonah Bell for a 20 min walk. Then I quickly switched into my cycling gear and got a sunny 10 miler under my belt in just 40 min. So much was accomplished by 7am!

Besides sappy novels, I'm probably ingesting more sugar than I need to this week. Sometimes you just find a way to cope and sugar is an easy go to for me. What's your coping mechanism?

The good thing is that because I know that sugar is an easy fix, I try to have healthier options available. This week, I've been bringing just three of both dried apricots and yogurt covered pretzels to work as my treats. It's a little sugar fix, but not over the top "Oh my lord, I'm on a sugar high right now and am going to crash any minute" kind of fix.

On another note, my dear friend T just got a fabulous new job where she'll be able to use the workout facility and trainers for free. She is excited to be re-energized in her new opportunity. I'm so happy for her!

Training update: I have just three more long runs before the Helvetia Half Marathon! I guess that means it's time to up the mileage just a mile or two more. I've been doing 9-10 mile runs with the group for the past several weeks, but I'd like to do a few 11-12 milers.

Does anyone else feel like this summer is going to fly by? Between bike races, weddings and other fun adventures, the calendar is filling UP! I guess it's time to sit down and figure out the marathon training schedule. Long runs, here I come.


My coping mechanism is probably reading... And a little bit of chocolate helps. I bought a bag of Dove treasures, or whatever they are called. I bring 2 with me to have as an afternoon snack & that seems to satisfy my craving!

I have read that book - and most of Anita Shreve's books. She writes wonderful books and I agree - her writing style is really soothing!!
legalstyle said…
I absolutely adore Anita Shreve. I've read every single one of her books! She lives in NH, right near where we have a ski house and I've been reading her books since I was a teenager and stumbled upon one of her book signings in a local book store. I don't know if she was so successful then, but it's been such a joy to follow her career.

And I totally hear you on the marathon training - I'm just sitting down to plan my schedule, too.
YES - I'm already wondering where the heck my Spring went, and summer will be even busier. ah! Love the early morning productivity going on here :) I'm like you, I can never be idle/still/relaxed in the a.m. I like to get stuff done!

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