What did you not know before blogging?

A short, but fun little post for Christmas eve. I woke up at 3:30 am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. So, I got up, wrapped a few final gifts, wrote a grocery list for the quiche I need to make tonight, gave myself an at home Dr. Scholl's foot spa pedicure, read a bit of A Homemade Life, got inspired by my Splendid Table cookbook, and finally hopped on the bike trainer for 30 min.

During my four hours of extra time this early morning, I thought about all the things I didn't know about prior to blogging.

So, here goes. Before starting Sassy Molassy, I didn't know...

1. what in the world a "green monster smoothie" was
2. that near empty almond (or peanut) butter jars make for an amazing bowl of oatmeal
3. that so many other 20 & 30 somethings enjoy two commonalities: running and preparing/eating seriously good food
4. that I'd ever consider traveling to meet up with someone I've never met in person before
5. how fascinated we are with the details of other peoples' lives
6. that one could blog as their J-O-B
7. that they then could receive a book deal from said blog

Okay, your turn to add to the list! What did you now know before hopping into the blogosphere? Merry almost Christmas to all of you celebrating!

Okay, the exhaustion is starting to kick in. Just a 1/2 day at work and then I have a tempo workout, groceries and chores to do!


I didn't know what a meme was...lol!
ha! Oh, Sass - I would make a list almost Identical to that! Especialy the "traveling to meet someone I've never met", because I basically Can Not wait for a blogger meet up (June, Seattle, RnR half or full??!!)....

I have learned a LOT about running and and I've learned to be Much more adventurous with food/cooking (which may sound weird coming from a Dietitian, but I used to be very *set in my ways*)...

The blogging-for-work and book-deal stuff just blows my mind. :)

Merry Christmas!!
Morgan said…
I didn't know all of those things and then some! I didn't know that when your friends and family might not get what you're doing or understand your running you can find all the support and encouragement you need from a bunch of people you will most likely never meet in real life! I love blogging! I hope you had wonderful holidays girl! (Catching up on my reader) :)

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