's been a while.

Due to a little cold that caught up with me last Saturday or so, I hadn't run for nearly a week! In the running world, that feels like a VERY long time. To the legs, it wasn't so bad, but I took it easy.

Playing it safe, I stayed indoors this Wednesday for 45 minutes of serious spinning. I even brought my own Shimano cycling shoes to clip in to the bike pedals! If I can't ride outside, I might as well get a good workout inside. Afterward, I hit the weights for about 15 min and did some stretching.

Last night, feeling mostly healthy and rested, I met up with the group for some running. I of course planned on not doing the speed workout and sticking with easy laps around the track. Instead, I did a nice 15 min warm up, a second 10 min warm up, 4x100m strides and then got sucked into most of the workout.

With legs that weren't feeling super strong, I decided to take the intervals at a nice clip, but not my 5k pace as instructed. I maintained a 7:40-7:45 pace most of the workout without feeling depleted by the end.

The workout: 1600m (90 sec rest), 800m (90 sec rest), 800m (90 sec rest), 400m (90 sec rest) followed by another 15 min of easy running.

I can't say the legs aren't feeling it this morning (I clearly need to do some stretching), but the workout really kicked up my furnace. I grabbed a chicken burrito at one of my favorite organic restaurants in town and then had a few drinks with the runners. In the middle of the night my stomach was famished and I was pleased to see these legs and lungs were back!

I did an easy 24 min run with the dog this morning, I have a half day at work and then will pack and head for the mountains with the man! We're off to meet my family at a cabin my parents rented for the weekend. I'm super excited! I see snow, hot tubs, good meals and a few drinks in my future. What are your plans?

Are you a snow person (i.e. do you like to snowmobile, ski, snowshoe?) or do you prefer looking at it from your window? I like a little of both. Snuggling up by the fire with some hot cocoa isn't half bad, but I love getting a great workout in the snow too. Last winter it snowed big time for Oregon a few days and I went on an awesome 10 mile run. The ipod bit the dust in the moisture, but it was worth every mile!

Happy weekend everyone!


Good job on the speed work lady!! Well done, you!

I prefer a mix as well. I like to do some snow shoeing/cross country skiing, but i also like to sit by the fire, read, and enjoy the fact that I am toasty warm!

That weekend cabin get-away sounds awesome! I am spending NYE at my parents' cabin and CAN'T wait!
Shoshanah said…
I love playing in the snow, and like going skiing. Its have to do the everyday type things in snow that I was never a fan of.
I'm a fan of the snow since I grew up with LOTS of snow every winter!!

That workout sounds intense but awesome. I haven't done a good track workout in quite awhile!

Have a great weekend - sounds fun!
I'm definitely with you - a little of both! LOVE to ski, but need nice weather to be really "enjoying" it, haha. a week off from running definitely feels *too* long in the mind of a runner - I hear ya!! Hope you guys had a fun weekend!!! We got DUMPED on in DC - I got to drive through it for 8 hours, awesome! ;) ehhhh. oh well

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