Rain in So Cal freaks drivers out

Last night we had a staff dinner at Mastro's Steakhouse, which was hands down one of the best meals I've had in a long time. Although I'm not much of a red meat eater, I enjoyed the smells from everyone's plate. I ordered the warm spinach salad and snapper. The whole table shared sides of creamed corn, broccolli, marinated mushrooms (yum), lobster mashed potatoes (super yum), garlic mashed, etc. By the end of the night I was totally stuffed. But leave it to us to order a few desserts for the table.

When this thing showed up, it was impossible to pass up a few bites.

And the courtyard across the street from the restaurant was too pretty to pass by without a photo.

I had a hell of a time finding my way back to my hotel that night thanks to the non existent GPS in my rental car. UGH! But I finally figured out a street that would take me all the way back home and hopped on it. After a lot of stress and a few tears, I was at my hotel, chatted with the man friend, did some yoga and went to bed. This girl is definitely good at big city driving, but not knowing where you're going can get really stressful and frustrating at times. I just wanted to be in bed and I kept circling around the same blocks not being able to find the on ramp to the highway I needed.

I was determined to make today a better day. This morning, after hearingEat Live Run's Jenna rave about this guy, I finally tried a Dave Farmar (free!) yoga podcast for the first time! I did a 60 min class in my hotel room and it was awesome. I do have to admit that yoga on slippery hotel carpet isn't quite as good as on my pink Gaiam yoga mat, but it worked and I felt really good afterward.

So, I headed downstairs to the gym to get the heart pumping. I did 22 minutes of treadmill time, 7 of it walking at a decent incline and 15 at a steady clip of 6.5-7.2 mph. Then I hopped in the unusually large hotel pool for a little dip, then on to the hot tub and steam room. Why? Cuz I could! Plus, I have a nagging sore throat and steam always seems good for a nose/throat issue.

After getting ready and grabbing breakfast, it was on to the duties of the day. We spent some time at the Santa Monica Pier in the drizzle.

Then we admired cool light fixtures in the awesome vegeterian restaurant, Real Food Daily, we went to for lunch. I had Mexico City tofu tacos...delish!

Does anyone else feel weird about asking someone to take your photo if you're traveling by yourself or with coworkers? I'm a photo junky and feel like I always have to explain myself when pulling out the camera.

After a few more hours of workish things, we were done for the day and I headed off to meet up with a college friend I haven't seen since we ran the San Diego Marathon together back in 2007! It was so good to reconnect. Now it's time for bed and hopefully recharging the energy levels. Gnight!


Ugh, no fun getting lost! Especially when you're driving Solo....I've become pretty dependent on the GPS to save me in those situations!

Love the pics - that chocolate cake is insane!

Sad that the man-friend couldn't join ya......but I hope you have a great NYE tonight!! xo
Sounds like you're having a great time!

I've been trying to do a Dave Farmer download but everytime I actually pay for and download a yoga download it doesn't work for me :( I will have to email them or something. I think it's because I use the "play once" option. Is that what you do or do you choose to download them!?

Happy New Years!
Sassy Molassy said…
Amber, I alway choose to download them from itunes and it usually takes a few minutes, but it's free! Good luck!
Maroussia said…
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