Looking toward 2010 and a few new goals

This year, I thought about the new year a little earlier than some. Say, a week or two earlier. Usually, I think "Hey, it's Jan. 1st! I guess I better figure out some resolutions." Well, after running a 1/2 marathon (now 8+) and then a full (or four) and have achieved a goal level of fitness and maintained an healthy weight for three years, I have to think a little more about what these resolutions might be.

So, this year I've decided I will strive to...

1. strengthen friendships, maybe even make some new ones, and reach out more often to the great people in my life

2. cook my way through my Splendid Table cookbook (the recipes that sound appetizing anyway).

3. continue working toward overall body strength (not just running strength), which includes core work, variety of exercises, running, yoga and strength training (and plenty of sleep). So far, this newish method (to me) seems to be working well in keeping my body strong AND uninjured.

4. bust out a little more creativity and thought into my blog. What does that mean? It means I want to spend a little more time preparing blog posts, thinking about what I'm going to write, posting photos, and getting creative to bring you fun new content that keeps me excited about writing and you excited to read it.

Cheers to you and a fabulous 2010! I'm off to Pasadena tomorrow for a week of Rose Bowl action! I'll try to check in when/if I can. I'll be there for work (but fun work) so I'm sure I'll be running my rear off doing all kinds of crazy things.

And in case you're wondering who you should root for...it's the Ducks! Those Buckeyes are going down.

A few tidbits of information about the University of Oregon (and some of its famous alums) that you might not know...

1. NBC Today Show news anchor Ann Curry '78 hails from the UO journalism department
2. Ann Bancroft '81 was the first woman to ski and windsail across Antarctica
3. Author Ken Kesey of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is a UO graduate
4. The cartoon Stone Soup comes from UO alum Jan Eliot
5. Animal House was filmed on the University of Oregon campus
6. Nike's elite running coach Alberto Salazar '81 (also a graduate of the UO) won the NYC marathon three times
7. Ahmad Rashad '72 carried the football for the Ducks for 2,306 yards and 131 receptions during his college career


HAVE FUN in Pasadena!! We went last year to watch Penn State and had a blast!! :) Gotta loooove college football!

Working on overall strength training - gonna steal that one from ya, because I Definitely need to do the same! Good list, chick :)
Those are some great goals. I am going to be branching out a lot in my goals this year too. In the past they've been the traditional: lose weight, exercise more kind of goals but this year I want to get more creative!
One of my co-workers is also going to the Rose Bowl and is SO EXCITED since he's a huge Ducks fan (and an alumn).

Have a blast!

I am still thinking through my 2010 resolutions... I really need to finalize what I want to accomplish this year. Or I might just hold off and focus on my 30 before 30 list that I'll be posting around my 29th bday in Feb...
Sassy Molassy said…
Lisa, I love the idea of the 30 things to do before 30 list. I've seen several bloggies with 101 things to do before I die type lists (aka a bucket list). Can't wait to see your list!

I'm in LA now and I can't believe I'm warm outside in December. Crazy southern California. :)
Kristin said…
GO DUCKS! Have fun at the Rose Bowl. My BF is a UO law school grad and HUGE fan. I guess I am an adopted fan. :)

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