Looking back on the resolutions of 2009

Last December, I made a few resolutions. Some, I accomplished more or less, and others I didn't. I'm okay with it. Life happens.

Here it is straight from last year's New Year New You post...
1. Say yes/being open to more opportunities (Have you read Yes Man by Danny Wallace? If not, you can now watch the movie.) *This is probably the biggest one for me because ultimately it means being open to guys I'm not originally interested, letting people know me better, making more of a concerted effort to be outgoing and talk to people, doing things that might have me scared shitless (moving to a big city and leaving my friends behind) so I learn something new and expand my horizons.
2. Consolidate and simplify some areas of my life while saying yes to more (does that make sense?)
3. Stop biting fingernails (i do this when i'm stressed, bored, frustrated)
4. Move on, get new job, figure out the whole grad school thing (if i'm going, where i want to go, what degree i'm seeking)
5. Get 8 hours of sleep a night
6. Focus on finances, specifically curb impulse buying and decide i don't need everything i love

Looking over this lovely little list, I noticed that I accomplished #1 in a very big fashion, but also regressed in this area in other fashions. How so? Well, I opened up big time to a man. This was monumental really. My trust in men prior to the manfriend was lacking. I not only opened up, but allowed myself the opportunity to be vulnerable and gain something fabulous in return.

As comfort with the relationship grew, my focus and time for friends decreased. I'm not proud of it, but it happened. The good thing is, I've noticed it and I want to improve. I'm looking to reach out and really spend time with my girlfriends again in the new year.

What else did I accomplish? I've been weeding through clothes and knick knacks trying to empty the stuff from my life that doesn't do me good. I've given bags of goods away to the local Goodwill and sold more recent items to a used clothing store. And then, somehow I find myself at the mall purchasing another item of clothing that I just have to have. ;) I'm also sleeping eight hours a night most nights, which has really made me much more functional in the morning AND able to get an early workout in right away.

As for those I'm still working on...the fingernails are still nubs. It's a busy stressful time around the office. I'm not moving on, life is good and I'm happy to have a job that has some great benefits. I am however, looking into grad school programs and taking some classes!

Finances are something I've been better at managing, but something I will consistently be working on. As a young professional moving out of that college garb of jeans and sweatshirts, it's tough to not see the opportunities in becoming more professional with those pieces I still don't have. For example, at the moment I'm constantly scouring for black or brown leather boots, another work jacket, black work shoes (comfy but modern and fun enough to wear for a night out with the girls), sweaters, layering pieces, a white button up...you get the idea. The list is long and it never ends. I have however found appreciation and inspiration (from Academic Chic and What I Wore for getting more creative and not insisting that things must be new or expensive to create a great look.

Let's kick off 2010 right. What are your aspirations for the new year? How will you make sure they happen?

My weekend was fun and relaxing! The snow wasn't as abundant as we expected, but we did enjoy the hot tub, go ice skating (i fell once very hard on my right knee-ouch and manfriend skated for the first time ever), play several board games, have mimosas, catch up with a college friend who just moved to Central Oregon, enjoy pulled pork sandwiches from the crockpot, and have a nice wet run. I can't believe this week is Christmas, but I'm happy it is!


You've definitely had a Big year over there! :) I couldn't be happier for you....and it's been fun to be along for the journey ( yet again! )! The fingernails? eh, they'll always grow back. heh heh, and finances plague the best of us!! as do race fees and running "necessities"....ehhh....

looking forward to another year! aspiration: blogger MEET UP! Seriously, it's about time... ;) xo
Sassy Molassy said…
yes, blogger meet up. I'm down.
Great recap. You've accomplished a lot in the last year! I will have to look back on my goals next week, I can't even remember what they were :S Whoops! Haha
I think you've had a very successful year!

I think one thing I really want to work on in 2010 is saying no more often and not feeling guilty about it. I say yes to so many different things, and then even though most of them are fun, I stress myself out since I pack too much into my schedule. So that is something I really want to focus on in 2010!

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